Working With Your Kitchen Space

You want to make the most of your remodel investment and kitchen space. An overview of interior design and kitchen floor plans will be helpful. Think of this knowledge as the foundation on which you will figuratively—and literally—design and build your kitchen. Below are links to information on defining your needs, planning for a remodel, kitchen design basics, and the nuts and bolts of budgeting. This crash course will help you get off to a good start on an exciting and rewarding project.

Kitchen Guidelines

Explore the information below to learn how to best work with your kitchen space. Keep in mind that interior design principles and elements are not a science. Your lifestyle and preferences will be the primary drivers when creating a space that will work for you and your family. But you will want to take into account time-tested guidelines for safety, efficiency and aesthetics.

Design Start with our professional Designers
Principles Principles of interior design, fundamental to your kitchen space
Elements How space, line and color affects interior spaces and design
Triangle The kitchen work triangle, a key to efficiency
Layouts Your kitchen space, the primary factor in layout

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