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Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas

A disorganized kitchen can be a nightmare of inefficiency. To remedy this, select a category below to browse cabinet storage and organization ideas. From drawer inserts, to open shelves, to roll-out trays, CliqStudios designers have the best ideas to turn your cluttered kitchen into the sleek and functional workspace of your dreams.

Every kitchen is unique in design and layout, but each can benefit from the use of cabinet organizers and storage solutions. Your sink is one of the most utilized appliances in your kitchen, so that’s a great place to start. Under-sink base cabinet organizers feature tilt-out trays for sponge and brush storage, pull-out baskets and towel bars to efficiently store cleaning products.

Drawer organizers and pantry storage trays keep everything neat and tidy — no more searching for your kids’ snacks or your favorite spatula! Mixing cabinet shelves with roll-out trays allows you to organize more efficiently to suit your needs.

Once the cabinets and drawers are clutter-free and the countertops are clear, you can finally sit back, breathe easy and relax. You’re home!

Cabinet Storage Solutions for Every Kitchen

Cabinet storage solutions make organizing your kitchen a breeze. Whether you choose designer favorites or must-have family features, storage cabinets will make your new kitchen useful and enjoyable.

Top 4 Best Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas

Most homeowners spend a great deal of time making sure the look of their kitchen is just right. Equally as important is smart cabinet storage to keep your kitchen clean and organized. Consider adding these four must-have storage cabinets to your kitchen design.

1. Keep a Tidy and Organized Kitchen with Trash and Recycling Bins Out of Sight

Empty wastebaskets in an open wastebasket cabinet. Above it, a drawer is open containing boxes.

It’s inevitable that if you are going to use your kitchen, then you are going to create waste. So to keep your kitchen tidy and well-organized, trash and recycling cans are must-haves. But who wants trash and recycling bins sitting out in the open? Trash cans, which can be both smelly and unattractive, break the flow of a clean design.  Additionally, if you have pets, then chances are someone will rummage through the bins when your back is turned. Reduce these risks by placing your bins in a cabinet. Often located near the sink and prep areas, the pull-out trash cabinets put your messes out of sight.

2. Make Clean Up a Snap with Cutlery and Utensil Storage Drawers

Full knife block drawer painted white.

Further reduce the clutter in your kitchen by taking advantage of cutlery and utensil dividers. Flatware and most utensils are best stored in drawers with dividers to separate and organize kitchen items.

Consider locating your flatware drawers near your dishes as part of your everyday use and your dishwasher for speedy clean-up. Keep utensils located next to cooking and prep areas. A smart storage solution for smaller kitchens is to use a two-tier drawer to increase storage capacity.

3. Design for Smart Use of Space with Tray and Baking Sheet Storage Cabinets

CliqStudios Homan Carlton Tray Divider Cabinet in White.

Stuck on where to store your useful but awkward sheet trays, cutting boards and cooling racks? An organized tray divider cabinet gives you easy access and visibility.

CliqStudios has a number of storage solutions for efficient tray storage in your kitchen design. Whether placed in your base cabinets or above your refrigerator or wall oven, tray dividers add value to underutilized kitchen areas.

4. Keep Everything Organized and Within Reach with Roll-out Trays

Single roll-out tray in a base cabinet, storing pots and saucepans. Shown in CliqStudios Dayton White.

Tired of reaching blindly into the back of your cabinets hoping to locate the item you need? Do you find yourself pulling out every pot on the shelf trying to find the correct one? Roll-out trays in base cabinets are a must-have solution to increase efficiency and visibility in your kitchen design. Choose between one or two trays for your base cabinets including glides. Glides remove the need to constantly shift you items to find what you need.

Final Thoughts

A kitchen that works for you improves your cooking experience and creates a safe retreat. Make smart choices with your kitchen storage and you will in turn boost your kitchen design.