Cabinet Estimator Tool

Whether you are just getting started on your kitchen remodeling project, or you’ve been comparison shopping for a while, the Cabinet Estimator Tool gives you a simple way to figure a dollar range for your new cabinets. Your final price will vary based on your design choices.

For a complete and accurate price, please contact us for a free professional design. A CliqStudios designer will take you – step by step – through the whole planning process. You’ll get much more than ideas and suggestions. We’ll design with you. You’ll get 3D color renderings, scale drawings, floor plans, detailed specifications and an itemized quote showing you the exact final cost for each cabinet you select.

Step 1: Select Your Cabinet Style

Cabinet door style, wood species, color and finish type all impact the bottom line for your new cabinets.

Select a cabinet door style and choose a color/finish

Step 2: Measure Total Linear Feet of Cabinets

If your new cabinets were set side-by-side in a straight line, how many linear feet of space would they occupy? Using a tape measure, determine the length in feet of all walls that will have cabinetry, and then enter that figure in the box below. If your remodel will include an additional space for cabinetry, be sure to add that to your overall length in feet. Finally, include all empty wall space, islands, peninsulas, windows and appliances in your figure too. CliqStudios’ Estimator Tool will average the costs of upper, lower and tall cabinets to give you a range for planning.

Enter the total linear feet of wall space for new cabinets:

How do I measure LF?

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This modest kitchen is too spartan for most people’s tastes. It includes only the simplest list of cabinets and doesn’t account for popular features such as trim molding, a built-in wastebasket or even a lazy susan. The price range for a basic kitchen is just a starting reference point, and most people shop for more typical configurations.

Your Estimate

This is the kitchen that is familiar to many homes and neighborhoods. The typical kitchen is practical, functional and still includes a few decorative accents such as crown molding and light rail molding. The range for a typical kitchen includes the most frequently requested features, such as roll-out trays, a super lazy susan, a wastebasket, drawers, and at least one specialty cabinet such as a wine rack or tray divider.

In the Deluxe kitchen, you’ll find everything that a typical kitchen includes plus additional decorative, storage, and customized cabinets like:

  • Decorative accents such as glass doors
  • Storage including a large two drawer base cabinet, a pull-out storage and microwave cabinets
  • Focal point specialty cabinets such as a wood range hood or wine rack

CliqStudios pricing includes these premium features:

  • Fully-assembled, built-to-fit and ready-to-install
  • All-plywood box construction
  • Hardwood face and door frames
  • Hardwood, dovetailed drawer boxes
  • Shaker and modern slab door styles
  • 10-step hand-applied finishes
  • Standard painted finishes plus Designer painted finishes
  • Blum soft-close drawer glides and door hinges
  • Customizable and modifiable
  • Limited lifetime warranty

What is a 10' x 10' Kitchen?

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The kitchen below has an 8' wall, a 12' wall and a 6' island.

8' + 12' + 6' = 26 LF of cabinetry.

How do I measure Linear Foot?

As you’ve shopped for cabinets, you may have read or heard references to a “10' x 10' kitchen pricing” and wondered what that meant. The “10’x10’ kitchen pricing” idea began when those large well-known national home improvement chain stores that sell cabinets wanted a way for shoppers to compare pricing for cabinet styles and brands. The retailers made a list of cabinets that would be used in a small, basic kitchen. The list of cabinets varies slightly from one store to another, but this list became a yardstick for comparison shopping.

When figuring the 10' x 10' kitchen space, retailers don’t subtract for windows, open wall space, appliances and other variances. They calculate based on 20 linear feet. To make their pricing appear as competitive as possible, most retailers and manufacturers cite pricing for standard builder grade, particleboard construction. The cost for design, decorative accents, storage solutions, specialty cabinets or material upgrades are not included in that price. Your kitchen will vary greatly from the 10' x 10' model.

What is a ten x ten kitchen?

The 10' x 10' represents a kitchen with two walls of 10 feet each - or 20 linear feet (LF). The formula to determine a 10' x 10' price is to add the cost for all of the cabinets on the list for that small, basic kitchen, and then divide the total dollars by 20 linear. The result is an estimate of dollars per linear foot.

For those reasons, CliqStudios does not recommend that you plan your remodel based on a 10’x10’ linear foot price.