Corner Cabinet Organizers

We say this often, but it bears repeating: When it comes to kitchen design, efficiency is key. For instance, one of the most awkward and inefficient spaces in most kitchens is the corner cabinet, or blind cabinet, where two cabinet runs meet. Whether it’s two base or wall cabinets, the corners are often dark and difficult to access. According to industry studies, the average American spends over 225 hours per year in the kitchen, so it makes sense to address the importance of corner cabinet organizers. But how do you solve this kitchen corner cabinet conundrum?

Lazy Susan Cabinets

Most people think of the Lazy Susan as a quaint relic from the 1960s. Historians have traced the concept back as far as 18th century England, when it was more commonly known as the dumbwaiter. However, the first written advertisement appeared in a 1917 issue of Vanity Fair. These classic rotating shelves were an innovation of kitchen cabinet efficiency. Today they’re still filling that dark and inaccessible void in corner cabinetry.

The Lazy Susan blind base corner cabinet has rotating “half moon” hardwood shelves that bring your stored items out to you for easy access. As a result, no more digging blindly into the dark recesses of your base cabinet to find pantry items you need.

In the past, Lazy Susan cabinets have gotten a bad name because of cheap plastic shelves rotating around a pole where items continually fall off. CliqStudios Lazy Super Susans offer two fixed, solid hardwood shelves with pie-shaped trays that spin 360 degrees independently on top of each shelf. This does away with the pole/shaft that lazy susans used years ago. Rotating trays allow you to store much larger items while maintaining the convenient spinning action. Access to the trays is through bi-fold “gull wing” doors that open 170 degrees.

Wall Easy Reach Cabinet

Like the Super Susan, bi-fold doors swing away 170 degrees on this corner wall cabinet. Thus, you can easily access stored pantry items, or whatever you wish. In addition, you can choose between one to three adjustable shelves depending on cabinet height.

Corner Cabinet Experts

CliqStudios kitchen designers are experts at using space efficiently — especially in those blind corners! Contact a designer today so they can help you choose the best corner cabinet organizers for your unique design needs. In short, they have the experience and industry know-how to guide you through all those awkward corner cabinet kitchen layouts. And beyond!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to organize a corner cabinet

Corner cabinets can be organized like any other standard cabinet.

How to organize pots and pans in a corner cabinet

Base corner cabinets (with or without a lazy susan) are excellent cabinets for pots and pans storage. The only negative is the door opening width is restricted compared to a standard base cabinet.

What is a corner cabinet called?

A corner cabinet is called a corner cabinet

Are corner cabinets useful?

Corner cabinets can be very useful both in storage, design and use. It all depends on the kitchen design and kitchen floor space.

Do corner cabinets save space?

In general, no, corner cabinets do not save space. What the corner cabinet provides is better access to what is stored in the cabinet.

How do I make a simple corner cabinet?

Making your own cabinet doors most likely is not a possibility for the average homeowner. Cabinet doors are basically furniture with a highly specialized process. And it's just not doors. You will need hinges and shelves. There are plenty of websites that can provide you beginning information if you want to tackle this type of DIY project.

How do you make a corner kitchen cabinet?

Corner cabinet construction is a very complex process. If you are looking to tackle a project like this, consult a professional and do you research before beginning.

How do I turn my cabinet into a corner cabinet?

For the most part, no. A corner cabinet has at least six sides (front, back, and 4 sides - 2 may be visible and 2 that attach to the wall) and the doors and frames will size variations specific for corner cabinets.

What can you do with a blind corner cabinet?

A blind corner cabinet is used only when a wall or base corner cabinet can't fit (usually because of lack of wall space) but it can hold any contents. The trick to living with blind corner cabinets is to store things that are not used on a daily basis.

How do you make a corner countertop?

There are many ways to create a corner countertop cabinet. With new cabinets, depending on the cabinet manufacturer, there is a corner cabinet specifically made to sit on top of the countertop.

What do you put in a corner cabinet?

Corner cabinets are installed almost the same as standard cabinets. The exception is with wall cabinets where an extra point of support (contact for install) is required because they are usually large cabinets.