Cabinet Care and Cleaning

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Following cabinet care and cleaning instructions is the best way to prolong the life and beauty of your new cabinetry. While we take great care in building quality cabinetry and ensuring that cabinets arrive in excellent condition, normal everyday use will result in the need for small touch-ups and adjustments.


  • Recommended Cabinet Maintenance
  • Daily Cabinet Care and Cleaning
  • Long Term Cabinet Care
  • Cabinet Touch-ups
  • Before & After Installation
  • Cabinet Environment
  • Cleaners to Avoid

Each CliqStudios quality finish has different recommended cabinet cleaning instructions. Follow the proper care and maintenance for your cabinets to keep them beautiful for many years.

How to Adjust Cabinet Hardware
Periodically adjust hardware for smooth usage.

How to Place Cabinet Hardware
Finding the right position for your knobs and pulls.

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How Do I Install Kitchen Cabinets?
Learn how to install each cabinet in your design.

Paint Finish

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On paint finishes, only use a mild cleaner such as Ivory® Soap diluted with warm water. Apply with a microfiber cloth.

Stain Finish

On stain finishes, use a mild wood cleaner such as original Murphy® Oil Soap diluted with warm water. Apply with a microfiber cloth.


Daily Cabinet Care

Daily cabinet care consists of cleaning up spills, drips and grease immediately to prevent stains on your cabinet finish. Prolonged exposure to food, water or other liquids can cause permanent discoloration or damage.

Avoid hanging wet dish towels over the cabinet doors. Over time, this moisture exposure can cause irreversible damage to the cabinet and finish. Dust cabinets frequently with a microfiber cloth.

Avoid using your dishcloth to clean or dry cabinet exteriors, since it may contain remnants of detergents and grease.


Long Term Cabinet Care

Thoroughly clean cabinet exteriors once or twice a year. It’s best to work on one small area at a time, using a damp cloth. Rinse frequently and dry each area immediately after cleaning.

Each cabinet is built with several types of durable, high-performance hardware that will operate smoothly for years. Periodically, you should adjust your hardware. Tighten hinge screws, realign drawers, and adjust runners, because they can move with normal use.

Adjusting Door Hinges

Cabinet hinges are designed to be adjustable by the homeowner. Align cabinet doors after installation and before installing decorative hardware.

Adjusting Drawer Boxes and Glides

Drawer boxes may need to adjusted after shipping. It’s easier to inspect and adjust glides before cabinet installation.


Cabinet Touch-ups

CliqStudios provides a complimentary cabinet touch-up kit for minor repairs on cabinets. Before touching up damage, establish whether it will be a substantial repair. If the damage is significant, please protect your investment by consulting a professional refinisher.

Please carefully read the touch-up kit instructions before using. Be advised that paint is more difficult to repair and blend than stained products. Practice on a small, concealed area of your cabinets before making any repair. For easy fill application, soften the putty stick by carefully heating the end with your hand.

Fill in the recess with an even back-and-forth motion. After the fill is complete, use light, even strokes with the stain marker pen. Use your fingertips or a soft cloth to blend the colors. Do not allow the stain marker fluid to accumulate in one place, as it may drip.

Caring for Your New Cabinetry

Navy base cabinetry with stainless cup pulls and knobs, cambria countertops, minifridge and wine cubes

All CliqStudios cabinets undergo rigorous testing to ensure they will be structurally sound and beautiful. Caring for your new cabinetry properly will maintain their beauty for years of use.


Before Installing Your Cabinets

After receiving your cabinets, store them in a secure and dry space until you are ready for installation. The space should have 40 to 50 percent relative humidity. Humidity above 70 percent or below 20 percent is likely to cause problems. Allow 1-2 days for cabinets to acclimate to their final environment before installation.

We recommend waiting to remove your existing cabinetry until your new cabinets are delivered and inspected. With two people, remove the cabinets from their boxes to inspect them. Store cabinets in their boxes until installation. Please recycle the cardboard boxes.


After Installing Your Cabinets

Once your project is finished, you’ll want to remove all construction dust. Wipe down all exteriors and interiors with a damp, microfiber cloth. Clean one small area at a time, rinsing the cloth frequently and thoroughly. Using a second cloth, dry each area immediately.

Your cabinet hardware may require adjustments after installation, as they become acclimated to the new environment. Complete all door and drawer hardware adjustments before installing knobs and pulls.

Cabinet Environment

Wood cabinets will expand and contract in different temperature and humidity levels. Avoid extremes and maintain a consistent cabinet environment to prevent damage.


Climate, Moisture & Humidity

Indoor climate, moisture and humidity should be maintained year round in vacation homes and primary residences. Kitchens and bathroom should be well-ventilated to keep cabinets dry. Frequent exposure to excessive humidity in poorly vented kitchens and bathrooms may be harmful to your cabinet finish. It is important to keep cabinet surfaces dry. Wipe off any excess moisture on cabinets in areas that experience excessive humidity.


Over time, ultraviolet (UV) light rays present in natural light will affect the appearance of your cabinets. CliqStudios applies UV inhibitors to all cabinetry as part of the finishing process. Depending on the amount and direction of light exposure, the portion of your cabinetry that receives light may fade, darken or discolor.

Oven Self-Cleaning Heat

The self-cleaning setting on most ovens operates at very high temperatures. The high heat could potentially damage the cabinets near the oven. You can minimize this risk by removing the cabinet doors and drawers nearest to your oven before running the self-clean cycle.


Prolonged exposure to cooking or tobacco smoke, will discolor the cabinet finish. Because cooking smoke and grease occur in every kitchen, we recommend cleaning cabinets regularly.

Cleaners to Avoid

Some cleaning products can damage cabinet finishes and should not be used on CliqStudios cabinetry. The harsh abrasives and chemicals listed below will harm cabinet finishes and may result in discoloration.

CliqStudios does not recommend using scouring pads, paper towels, Magic Eraser sponges or steel wool because they can leave scratches and residue on all finishes. We also do not recommend waxing cabinets.

Over time, waxing and polishing compounds will build up on the surface of cabinets and cause a hazy, streaky or yellowed appearance. Wax build up is difficult to remove and will attract dust.


Petroleum Solvents


Wax Base


Silicone Base


Powder Bleach


Glass Cleaner


Spray Cleaner


Citrus Cleaner


Scouring Pads


Magic Erasers



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  1. maureen Reply

    I ordered my cabinets 5+ years ago, and some of the cabinet doors are pretty beaten up. Is is possible to order just the doors to my cabinets ?

    • Dan Jones Reply

      Sorry to hear that but the answer is yes. Please contact our Customer Service

      • maureen

        I’m thinking of re-painting the doors to my cabinets. Is there a specific brand/color I should use ?

        • Dan Jones

          No specific recommendation other than do your homework and the prep work to paint kitchen cabinets.

  2. Amanda P Reply

    I am in need of a touch up kit for my white cabinets. The kit I received has dried up. Many thanks!

  3. Joey Tamler Reply

    I’m really disappointed. I should’ve known not to use touch up paint in the middle of a door. It made a “blemish” on the door and I ordered a new one. Now I noticed 2 pinpoint orange dots on an upper white cabinet door. Dishwashing liquid won’t get them off. I tried to dot some touch up paint thinking I could blend with my finger and just ruined my 2nd cabinet. Now it looks like a smudgy oil mark. These white cabinets shouldn’t look bad after less than 2 years. Do u have recommendations how to get marks off? I don’t want to see the stains. Also, edges are chipping. Touch-up paint doesn’t cover well at all.

    • Dan Jones Reply

      Apologies for the inconvenience. I believe these issues fall under warranty. Please contact our Customer Service Department. You see our webpage where you can call, email or fill out a web form.

  4. Deborah R Lebow Reply

    I am in desperate need of paint touch up kit. The fill in stick is very hard to apply and is much whiter than my white cabinets. How can I touch up the paint surface where chipped? I know I’m supposed to fill in first with the stick, but then is there paint? I have never received any, only sticks and even after holding in my hands, they do not go on well and do not fill in little chips easily.

    • Dan Jones Reply

      Apologies for the inconvenience. I believe these issues fall under warranty. Please contact our Customer Service Department. You see our webpage where you can call, email or fill out a web form.

  5. Sharon Cleary Reply

    I have your cabinets in my kitchen and master bath and love them….but I cannot find any information on how to control how much the doors open. They open much too wide and keep hitting the pulls on the adjacent cabinets. Please help!

  6. romy Reply

    We need to uninstall a lazy susan shelf in order to clean beneath it. How do we uninstall
    and reinstall?

    • CliqStudios Marketing Reply

      Hi. It depends on the particular style of lazy susan that you have. In general though, installed Lazy Susans generally are not able to be uninstalled and reinstalled. You may want to contact a local cabinet installer to see if they are able to assist you.

  7. Dean and Shery Kirby Reply

    We love our new kitchen but are in need of the paint touch-up kit for a few blemishes.

    Also would be great to know if there are weight limits for pantry drawers.

    Thank you!

    • CliqStudios Digital Marketing Reply

      Hi Shery, Our Customer Service team will reach out to get a touch-up kit sent to you. The weight limit for all Roll-out Trays is 90 lbs. Let us know if we can help with anything else!

    • LeAnn Bird Reply

      I am also in need of touch up paint and the blemish stick. The ones I received with my cabinets for my white cabinets was dried up. I didn’t have any problems that required me to use it but now after a couple of years the cabinets have been scratched and I would like to repair them. Can you send me more of the white?

      • CliqStudios Digital Marketing

        Yes, a member of our Customer Service team will contact you about where to send your touch-up kit. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  8. Karen Spruill Reply

    Hi looking to order touch up paint kit for my sage cabinets.

    • CliqStudios Digital Marketing Reply

      Hi Karen, we would love to help. Please call our team at 888-350-1242 so they may send you a touch-up kit.

  9. Jim Martin Reply

    I cannot find any link or resource to order additional touch up paint. Still very happy with the kitchen we ordered and we will be using you again for our pantry, laundry room and bathrooms……but only if I can order more touch up paint.

    • CliqStudios Digital Marketing Reply

      Hi Jim, we would be happy to send a touch-up kit to you. A Customer Service Representative will contact you soon to place that order. Please let us know if we can help with anything else.

  10. Pastor Leslie E Martinez Reply

    They are beautiful, look well made, love the hardware, soft close features. Warranty very nice.

  11. Nancy Reply

    CliqStudios kitchen cabinets are sure look like a dependable investment and seeing that you could have this installed in your kitchen provide you ease of mind for longer lifespan of cabinets you could use.

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