Wastebasket Cabinet

Wastebasket Cabinet

Keep Waste and Recycling Handy

The pull-out wastebasket cabinet keeps your trash can and recycling bin easy to access but out of sight.


  • Width: 15″, 18″, 21″
  • Height: 34-1/2″
  • 15″ cabinet fits one 35-quart bin
  • 18″, 21″ cabinets fit two 35-quart bins
  • Blum® concealed, soft-close, full access drawer glides
  • Available as a full-height base cabinet, or with a top drawer
Empty wastebaskets in an open wastebasket cabinet. Above it, a drawer is open containing boxes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How wide is a wastebasket cabinet? 

Wastebasket cabinets are available in varying widths. The three common options are 15, 18, and 21 inches wide. These measurements are standard for a kitchen wastebasket and allow it to fit seamlessly into a base cabinet pull-out. A 15-inch cabinet fits one wastebasket, while either the 18- or 21-inch cabinets can fit two. Beyond that, you can choose to install these within a classic base cabinet or also incorporate a drawer into the design as well. Explore all the details today!

What can I use as a wastebasket? 

You can use many items as wastebaskets if you want to DIY them. From those decorated with twine or rope to tilt-out cabinets, there are so many possibilities. However, if you are designing a pull-out wastebasket cabinet make sure that you have accurately measured the bin and cabinet. This will ensure that everything fits and operates seamlessly.  

What is the volume of a wastebasket? 

The volume of a wastebasket varies. The standard volume of a kitchen wastebasket is typically 12 to 16 gallons, while in an office or bedroom the volume is usually 4 to 10 gallons. Your CliqStudios designer can help you select the right size for your wastebasket cabinet.  

How do you clean a wastebasket? 

You can clean wastebaskets with soap and water or by wiping them clean with a multi-purpose cleaner or disinfecting wipes. These will work to kill any bacteria and germs that may have accumulated from the waste being stored there. Plus, it will help eliminate any odors as well.