What Do Storage Cabinets Cost?

cooktop wall in modern kitchen has recessed panel white painted cabinets, stainless and glass range hood surrounded by base cabinets with short wire pulls


  • What Are Specialty Storage Cabinets?
  • What Do Storage Cabinets Cost?
  • Prices of the Most Popular Storage Cabinets
  • CliqStudios’ Top 4 Kitchen Storage Solutions
  • Which Storage Cabinets Are Right for You?

What Are Specialty Storage Cabinets?

As you shop for cabinets, you will likely notice how many different specialty features exist. Kitchen cabinets are no longer a simple cupboard with two doors and a shelf. There are options to personalize everything from color to storage. Which may leave you asking, ‘What are specialty storage cabinets and how much do they cost?’

We think shopping for cabinets is similar to shopping for a car. A basic car model will get you from place to place, but many drivers still upgrade to leather seats and sun roofs. Drivers are often willing to spend more for upgrades so they can enjoy the time they spend behind the wheel. Similarly, homeowners upgrade their cabinets to gain organization and increase their joy in the kitchen.

What Do Storage Cabinets Cost?

Storage cabinet costs can vary almost as widely as cabinets themselves. The construction quality of these moving parts and the size of the cabinet they are added to, will have the most effect on the price. Choosing storage cabinets made with quality construction is important to make sure they hold up to daily wear and tear.

Any time a special feature is added, the price of the cabinet will increase. However, the price increase for adding a few favorite features is a worthwhile expense for many remodelers.

The 12 storage solutions listed below are the most popular, according to Houzz. Listed with each storage solution is the starting cost of upgrading a CliqStudios’ cabinet with that feature installed. These starting costs are based on our Rockford door style in 18-inch or 30-inch cabinets.


Pull-out Wastebasket

64% of kitchens
Upgrade starting at $260

Tray Divider

53% of kitchens
Upgrade starting at $90
Phoenix kitchen gallery features CliqStudios.com Dayton painted white shaker cabinets, including this tall built-in pantry with wide slide-out shelves for easy-to-reach access.

Pantry Cabinet

50% of kitchens
Tall cabinets starting at $450
Open Lazy Susan Cabinet in White

Lazy Susan

48% of kitchens
Upgrade starting at $290
Single roll-out tray in a base cabinet, storing pots and saucepans. Shown in CliqStudios Dayton White.

Roll-out Trays

45% of kitchens
Upgrade starting at $57
CliqStudios Dayton Cabinet in Painted Linen Multi-Storage Drawer cabinet. Drawer has wooden dividers and is filled with food.

Drawer Organization

43% of kitchens
Upgrade starting at $205
Pull-out spice rack offers convenient storage. Shown in CliqStudios Dayton cabinet style in Painted Urban Stone gray.

Pull-out Spice Rack

41% of kitchens
Pull-out storage starting at $350
photo of white Shaker cabinets with open silverware drawer, a built-in storage option constructed of solid hardwood.

Cutlery Tray

41% of kitchens
Upgrade starting at $80
Pots and pans organizer inside of a Dayton cabinet painted in white.

Pot & Pan Organizer

33% of kitchens
Upgrade starting at $270
Kitchen utensil drawer insert filled with utensils.

Utensil Tray

29% of kitchens
Upgrade starting at $75
Peg drawer organizer storing plates, dishes, and bowls. Shown in CliqStudios Dayton style, Painted Urban Stone

Dish Organization

15% of kitchens
Upgrade starting at $205
Navy base cabinetry with stainless cup pulls and knobs, cambria countertops, minifridge and wine cubes

Wine Storage

15% of kitchens
Starting at $150

CliqStudios’ Top 4 Kitchen Storage Solutions

It is common for homeowners to pick a few of their favorite storage solutions to add to their kitchen design. CliqStudios’ top four kitchen cabinet storage solutions are: Pull-out Wastebasket, Cutlery Tray, Tray Divider and Lazy Susan. The starting price increase for upgrading cabinets with these four storage solutions is around $700.

If there isn’t room in your kitchen renovation budget for every storage feature, these top four would be great options to consider. It’s important to understand that adding storage cabinets will increase cabinet costs, but many homeowners decide that the cost is well worth the organization and quality they will receive.

  • pull-out wastebasket with top drawer for storage

    Pull-out Wastebasket

    Keeps trash and recycling out of sight. Usually placed near prep areas like the sink.

  • cutlery tray filled with silverware and other utensils

    Cutlery Tray

    A durable addition to a heavy and commonly used drawer. Often placed near the dishwasher.

  • base cabinet three tray dividers and top drawer for storage

    Tray Divider

    Keeps trays organized and with reach. Commonly placed near the oven or above the refrigerator.

  • corner lazy susan rotated to show solid wood trays

    Lazy Susan

    Our Super Susan is made of wood and has a full shelf to prevent items from getting lost in the corner.

Which Storage Cabinets Are Right for You?

To determine which storage cabinets are right for you, start thinking about what you do most in your kitchen. If you love to bake, tray dividers and spice pull-outs could make it much easier to reach the items you use frequently. While those who entertain frequently may enjoy wine storage and decorative features like glass front doors to display their dishes.

The cabinetry upgrades you choose should fit within your overall remodeling budget, so consider what other specialty items you plan to add, like granite or high-end appliances.

Talking with a kitchen designer can help you determine which options fit in your new kitchen. For those on a budget, a designer can recommend what will be most useful for you and what added expenses you could skip. If you’re building out your dream kitchen, incorporating many specialty storage cabinets can create a truly custom kitchen.

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