4 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen for the New Year

January 11, 20202 comments

Welcome to 2020! As is often the case, with a new year comes a flood of intentions and goals. One common goal is to finally get your home organization under control. With the kitchen being the heart of the home, it is a wise place to start the organizing process. But how can you translate your need to organize into actionable tasks? What tools can help you in this endeavor? Here is a look at the ways you can make smart choices with your kitchen design and in turn, get organized [Where do I get the best design ideas?].

Problem: Cramped Pantry

A common culprit in a messy kitchen is the pantry. This can be for a variety of reasons. A lack of space can make storage cramped and disorganized. Equally painful is having limited access to kitchen items.

Our Solution: Roll-out Trays

Double roll-out trays storing bowls, pots, and a colander. Featuring an White inset styled base cabinet

Say “goodbye” to the days of digging in your pantry for the assortment of items needed to make dinner. Instead, consider the ease of roll-out trays in your kitchen. Beautiful dovetailed roll-out trays bring the entire shelf contents out for easy access and full visibility

Problem: Unruly Small Items

Have you ever reached into your cabinet for the salt only to have to shuffle through 30 other spices? Small items can easily eat away room in your cabinets and lead to clutter in the kitchen.

Our Solution: Pull-out Storage Cabinet

Have ease and visibility to see and access your smaller kitchen items like spices, herbs, and jars with the help of the pull-out storage cabinet. The adjustable shelves help keep these small items at bay.

Problem: The Sink of No Return

Another common offender in a messy kitchen is the dreaded sink base. From hard to reach trash cans to crowded cleaning items, a sink can easily turn into the place of no return.

Our Solution: Super Sink Base

modern kitchen sink wall has large window, white shaker cabinets and sink tip out tray for small item storage and pull-out trash can

Organizing your cleaning items will offer a simple solution to fighting the dead zone in your kitchen.  Declutter your sink with the help of a super sink base. Components of this storage solution include a tilt-out tray to storage sponges, scrubbing brushes, and scouring pads, a basket pull-out for cleaning supplies, a sink base liner to protect your sink base from leaks, and a towel bar.

Problem: Disorganized Trays and Baking Sheets

Still wondering whatever happened to the lid from your spaghetti pot? Or the cookie trays you got last Christmas? What about that collection of container lids that vanished without a trace? Prevent items getting lost in your kitchen by taking advantage of cabinetry to help organize cooking and baking items.

Our Solution: Tray Divider and Multi-Storage Drawer

Tray divider installed in CliqStudios Austin inset base cabinet in White.

Never worry about keeping long or flat kitchen items organized again with the help of a tray divider cabinet. Available on base cabinets, refrigerator walls cabinets and over drawer cabinets, this divider keeps baking pans, cutting boards, and serving trays neat and organized.

CliqStudios Dayton Cabinet in Painted Linen Multi-Storage Drawer cabinet organizing glass containers.

Whether you’re taming an avalanche of lunch containers, pantry items, or pots and pans, the multi-storage drawer offers versatile organization for your kitchen design.

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  1. Agnes Axelsen Reply

    Whether you just found out you’re pregnant, have a baby ready to crawl or are recent retirees planning to have grandkids over more frequently childproofing the kitchen is essential. The kitchen is rife with hard surfaces, harsh corners, sharp edges and flammable opportunities – all of which seem to attract the attention of children. We have 5 recommendations for designing a child-friendly kitchen and then taking extra steps to child-proof it during your children’s younger years.

  2. Gail G Preston Reply

    I am very impressed with the quality of the storage spaces. We have tried the wire holders and are constantly having to replace the dividers or hear all the pots and pans fall out. We also like the storage for pantry’s and food prep. We are planning on a separate food prep area behind the scenes which we were excited about but now I can’t wait to talk to a builder about what we want!!

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