Many homeowners aren’t actively thinking about kitchen storage solutions, but a lack of storage can hinder the functionality of a kitchen. Storage solutions are critical to achieving a clean kitchen design. Here is a walk through of the essential storage solutions we believe every kitchen needs.

5. Sink Storage


We’ve previously discussed the necessity of sink storage to prevent the sink of no return. The sink is a frequently used item in your kitchen and keeping it tidy will save you from constantly misplacing items and gathering clutter. The tilt-out tray in the Super Sink Base gives purpose to a wasted space. A Pull-out basket provides easy access to hard to reach items. Value your sink and how it keeps your kitchen afloat.

4. Tray Dividers

Base cabinet three tray dividers and top drawer for storageBase cabinet three tray dividers and top drawer for storage

Whether above the oven or located in a refrigerator wall cabinet, tray dividers are perfect for an actively used kitchen. Wrangle your baking sheets, trays, and cutting boards with ease. Now those awkwardly flat items will be a snap to reach and see.

3. Cutlery and Utensil Drawer


Utensils are often the culprit in creating kitchen clutter Throwing them loosely in a drawer leads to a sifting through a mess every time you need something. When stored in a container on the counter, utensils can quickly morph from a cute decorative detail to a mess. A utensil drawer keeps your kitchen tools safely tucked away and organized.

2. Trash and Recycling


Let’s be honest, nobody enjoys the sight (or smell) of a trash or recycling can. A waste basket cabinet allows you to conceal your bins while keeping them easily accessible.

1. Corner Storage – Wall or Base


It shouldn’t be any surprise that we value corner storage so much so that it topped our list of essential storage solutions. Corner areas are notorious for being tricky. Our Super Susan maximizes hard-to-access corner space.

Bonus Storage Ideas

Narrowing this list to five items was a challenge. Here are some honorable mentions to consider adding to your list of must-have kitchen storage solutions.