Modern kitchen featuring Classic Gray Style 31 door style with blue blacksplash and black appliances.

Favorites from the Pros

Designer Bill H.

A small kitchen is a big opportunity. We at CliqStudios talked to our team of designers to brainstorm big ways to make the most of storage in a small kitchen.

Double roll-out trays storing bowls, pots, and a colander. Featuring an White inset styled base cabinet
Pull-out storage cabinet with three shelves storing spices

First, we began by asking our designers about their favorite storage solutions. The result was a plethora of wisdom and creativity. “Pantry with roll trays and tray dividers in the upper oven and fridge cabinets,” says designer Bill H. These items allow for great storage for grocery items and appliances that can over clutter cabinets. The organization process is simple.

Designer Dyani

Dayton Carbon cabinets used the in the cooking area of the kitchen.

However, designer Dyani discussed the importance of not squeezing every inch of the design. Items like roll our trays, drawer bases, and pull out spice racks are great to “Utilize the space fully from front to back of the cabinets…They help prevent that ‘dead space’ at the back of the cabinets. They can also be used in a multi-functional way.”

Designer Patty

Peg drawer organizer storing plates, dishes, and bowls. Shown in CliqStudios Dayton style, Painted Urban Stone

For Patty, it’s all about pegs! She enjoys the peg drawer system for creating storage solutions. Additionally, with this system, homeowners can store plates and bowls in full-access drawers. Birch pegs hold dishes securely in place and are easily removed to customize stacking options. This system makes it easy to keep plates, bowls, and other dishware organized and helps prevent items breaking. “So many clients are trying to minimize the wall cabinets there is no place for dishes. The peg system solves that and doesn’t leave you having to dust your dishes on an open shelf.”

Designer Jilda

Sink tip out tray in classic gray Style 31 cabinets.

Designer Jilda spoke from experience with her remodel. As a result, she practices what she preaches by using a small sink in her kitchen to help create more counter space. “I live in a duplex with a 10 by 10 kitchen and I was determined to have a dishwasher and more counter space. That’s why I decided to go with a smaller sink: I make lots of pasta and soup with no trouble. I encourage people to think about this option. Double bowls are overrated!”

Designer Jayelynn

Double roll-out trays storing bowls, pots, and a colander. Featuring an White inset styled base cabinet
Pull-out storage cabinet with three shelves storing spices

On the other hand, Jayelynn says “My favorite go-to storage cabinets are our pull-out storage units and our 2-drawer base cabinet. I like to put the BSP09/12 on one side of the range (and the other side I put a tray base for balance). I always try to include a 2-drawer cabinet with the MS dividers if space allows.”

Designer Mark

Smart storage solutions by CliqStudios keeps your kitchen organized with features such as this base cabinet with convenient double bins for trash and recycling, shown here in Dayton shaker cabinet style in painted White finish.

Finally, designer Mark understands that a kitchen features doesn’t have to be the flashiest to be the most helpful. He says “My favorite, or perhaps better framed as ‘least willing to eliminate’ is the 18” pull out trash/recycling unit; not flashy like some others but a real unsung hero of lifestyle simplification.” With this feature, homeowners don’t have to worry about trash bins taking up floor space. The unit is installed next to the sink to make cleaning up a simple and easily concealable process.

Favorites from CliqStudios

Finally, our designers’ told us the best product we offer at CliqStudios to address storage for a small kitchen. Our team succeeded in providing a variety of diversely strong answers.

For example, Bill says, “3” and 6” filler storage pull outs.”

Pull-out storage cabinet with three shelves storing spices and seasonings.

“The Lazy Susan makes use of the corners,” says Patty.

Kitchen base cabinet corner painted Urban Stone with an upper and a lower lazy Susan on the interior.

Our designer’s wisdom doesn’t stop here. If you want to learn more about making smart choices for your kitchen and answer “How do I get the best kitchen design ideas?” our team is ready to help!