Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our Company

  • Where is your company/factory?

  • Do you have a showroom where I can see the cabinets?

  • Do you install cabinets?

  • What brand are your cabinets?

Prices and Quotes

  • Where can I see prices?

  • If I start a design now, can I get the promotion that expires today?

  • If I email you a design, can you give me a quote?

  • Can I get a quote to compare to a quote from another company?

  • How do I pay for my order?

  • Do you have special pricing for contractors?

  • You say your customers save up to 40% off prices at Big Box stores. Is that true?

  • Do you offer financing?

Measuring Your Kitchen

  • How do I measure my kitchen?

  • How do I send my measurements to my designer?

  • Will you come to my house to measure my kitchen?

Ordering and Delivery

  • How long does it take from the time I order cabinets until they are delivered?

  • How much is delivery?

  • How will I know when my cabinetry will arrive?

Cabinet Construction

  • Are your cabinets particleboard or wood?

  • Are your cabinets fully assembled or ready to assemble (RTA)?

  • Are your cabinets covered by a warranty?

  • Do your cabinets have soft-close doors?

  • How are your drawers constructed?

  • How is the interior of the cabinet finished?

  • How do I adjust doors and drawers on my cabinetry?

  • Are your cabinets KCMA certified?

  • Are your cabinets CARB2 certified?

Our Products

  • Do you sell unfinished cabinets?

  • Do you sell just cabinet doors or drawer fronts?

  • Do you have glass door cabinets?

  • Why don't your glass door cabinets include glass?

  • Do you have a base for an apron sink?

  • Do I need a finished panel for the exposed cabinet ends?

  • Do you have kitchen islands?

  • Do you build bathroom cabinets and vanities?

  • Do you have crown molding?

  • Can I order 18-inch, 15-inch or another depth of cabinet?

  • Do you sell 28” desk-height cabinets?

  • Do you have base cabinets for corner sinks?

Free Design Services

  • How quickly can I expect to get my design?

  • Who are your designers?

  • What do you get with a design?

  • What do I have to provide to receive a design?