What Is a 10x10 Kitchen?

A 10x10 kitchen shows the base pricing for a kitchen with 20 feet of cabinetry. Comparing the 10x10 kitchen price for a variety of door styles and finishes can help consumers understand the cost differences across cabinet door styles, lines, finishes and wood species.

What’s Included in a 10x10 Kitchen?

The 10x10 kitchen includes the most popular cabinet sizes. This includes must-haves like a sink base cabinet and two door wall cabinets. Because a 10x10 kitchen is a project starting price, it does not include special features like decorative moldings or islands.

Think of a 10x10 kitchen like the price of a new car. The base model includes everything you need to drive safely and comfortably, but if you want to customize your vehicle with an upgraded sounds system, that will cost more.

The kitchen design shown below is an excellent example of the size and cabinet configuration for a common 10x10 kitchen.