What Do Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

difference between stock rta semi-custom custom cabinets comparison


  • What Do Kitchen Cabinets Cost?
  • Why Do Cabinet Costs Vary So Widely?
  • Average Cabinet Prices
  • How Much Do CliqStudios Cabinets Cost?
  • What Makes CliqStudios’ Cabinet More Affordable?

What Do Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

Due to the wide ranging differences in materials and quality, kitchen cabinets cost anywhere from $2,500 to $24,000. However, most new cabinet prices are between $4,000 and $13,000. This wide price range can be divided into three cabinet categories.

Low end of new cabinet costs, often stock or ready-to-assemble cabinets.
Low end of average cabinet costs, which could include stock or semi-custom cabinets.
High end of average cabinet costs, which could include semi-custom or custom cabinets.
High end of new cabinet costs, often custom cabinets.
lazy susan increases kitchen cabinets cost

What Do Storage Cabinets Cost?

Learn how storage solutions will affect your budget.

CliqStudios Bayport cabinets in White with glass knobs. Next to the cabinets is a plant in a blue and white china pot.

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The terms stock, semi-custom and custom refer to the manufacturing process of cabinets. Stock cabinets come in set sizes that have no modification options. Custom cabinets are built in dimensions specific to your kitchen and have almost unlimited selections. Semi-custom cabinets fall between stock and custom cabinets. This is because they offer standard sizes that keep prices low and options for modifications.

Remember that stock cabinets from a factory can be better quality than custom cabinets from a neighbor’s garage. If you buy custom cabinets, you are paying for the option to customize them. However, you may or may not need all those choices.

Why Do Cabinet Prices Vary so Widely?

As you decide on cabinets for your kitchen renovation, you may be wondering why cabinet prices vary so widely. Cabinet costs are affected by things like construction, materials, modification options and even where you live and purchase them from.

Determining which cabinets are right for you involves more than just looking at the price tag. Cabinets need to suit your style, provide storage solutions and have durability that fits your lifestyle and home. Make sure the brands you are considering offer all of the options you want. It’s also important to be aware that these features will cost more.

As you set a budget and see the costs of different cabinets, be sure to factor quality into the equation. One cabinet brand may seem like the cost effective choice. However, cabinets of higher quality with more customization options may actually be a better value overall. Learning about how to compare cabinet costs will help you choose the right product.

Average Kitchen Cabinet Costs

Below is a sample kitchen showing expected average kitchen cabinet costs based on average price per linear foot. Cabinets are generally measured in linear feet. Linear feet are calculated by measuring where cabinets are needed and adding up the total number of feet. The example below shows how cabinet prices for a kitchen can vary based on the type of cabinets. Per linear foot prices are from HomeAdvisor.

Stock Cabinets

$2,500 - $7,500 for 25 linear feet

Based on HomeAdvisor's $100 - $300 average cost per linear foot of cabinetry


$3,750 - $16,250 for 25 linear feet

Based on HomeAdvisor's $150 - $650 average cost per linear foot of cabinetry

Custom Cabinets

$12,500 - $30,000+ for 25 linear feet

Based on HomeAdvisor's $500 - $1,200 average cost per linear foot of cabinetry

linear foot measurements of a galley kitchen

How Much Do CliqStudios’ Cabinets Cost?

Most CliqStudios projects range from $5,000 to $13,000. The average CliqStudios cabinet order is $8,000. This average accounts for a range of kitchen sizes, styles and customization levels. Below are three real kitchens that, when clicked, show what cabinets in our most common price ranges might look like.

  • White kitchen with shaker cabinets barn door and stainless appliances

    $5,195 - $7,030

    Smaller kitchens and cabinets in standard sizes, limited storage upgrades.


    Read about this kitchen remodel.

  • Black and white kitchen with shaker with large pantry wall

    $11,330 - $15,370

    Larger kitchens and cabinets with more specialty features or modifications.


    Read about this fixer upper.

What Makes CliqStudios’ Cabinets More Affordable?

CliqStudios was founded with the mission of making the kitchen remodel process easier and less expensive. But what makes CliqStudios cabinets more affordable?

1. We Are Online Only

We are an online only company, meaning we do not have the expenses of physical stores. Instead of marking up our cabinets like retail stores, we pass the savings to our customers.

2. We Specialize in Select Styles and Finishes

We do not offer every style and color of cabinet, instead we focus on the most popular. This allows us to specialize in producing the highest-quality cabinets in select styles and finishes.

In addition to offering cabinets for less, we also provide complimentary design services. This helps us ensure that every project is a success. Our kitchen designers will recommend the right cabinets for you. This is the best way to stay within your budget and have a well-functioning kitchen.

Remodeling is highly personal and most homeowner do it once in their lifetime. Therefore, it’s important to choose cabinets with  the right price and quality for you. This will create a kitchen you can enjoy years after the remodeling dust has settled.

3. CliqStudios Offers a Price Match Guarantee

CliqStudios makes it easy to compare cabinet prices. Our Price Match Guarantee promises that if you find a lower price on similarly constructed cabinets with the same design features, we will beat it.

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  1. Paula Kolmetsky Reply

    Do you offer beadboard cabinets

    • CliqStudios Digital Marketing Reply

      Hi Paula. Yes! We currently offer beaded panels and we have a new Craftsman line of cabinets that will offer beaded cabinet doors.

  2. Cheryl Waelde Reply

    do you offer glazing on your painted cabinets?

    • CliqStudios Marketing Reply

      Hi Cheryl. Yes! We have a new Craftsman line of cabinets that will offer highlighting, glazing and distressing on painted cabinets.

  3. Nancy Osgood Reply

    How are your cabinets different from 6 Square?

    • CliqStudios Marketing Reply

      Hi Nancy. CliqStudios and 6 Square are sister companies. While the two brands do have some overlap in the product lines, each brand also has unique door styles and finishes. Let us know if we may assist you further.

  4. joe tom Reply

    Is the black a matte or gloss

    • CliqStudios Marketing Reply

      Hello. All of our painted finishes are best described as an eggshell sheen. Definitely not gloss.

      • Cheryl Kondek

        Do you have a pictures and a price list

        • CliqStudios Digital Marketing

          Hi Cheryl. Our online catalog is currently being updated, but it includes illustrations and prices for most cabinet styles and sizes. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  5. Liz Byars Reply

    Are any of your cabinets a stain grade, or do you only offer paint?

  6. Carin Snell Reply

    I was really interested in your company but was disappointed to see that you didn’t offer any fun bright colors. We were wanting an avocado green for the lowers or getting them unfinished so we could send to a painter.

  7. Brandi Reply

    Do you ship to Hawaii (Big Island) and if so, what are your shipping fees? Thanks

    • CliqStudios Social Media Reply

      We don’t ship to Hawaii at this time.

  8. David Lively Reply

    If I send you a design from my local store can you send me an estimate for your cabinets?

    Where will your cabinets be shipped from and what if something is damaged or wrong in order?

    Can you send me a catalog?

    • CliqStudios Social Media Reply

      We’d be happy to do a price comparison for you! You can send that information to designteam@cliqstudios.com or call 88-350-1242 to get started.

      Our cabinets ship from our factory in Connersville, Indiana. If something is wrong or damaged with your order, our customer service team will take care of you right away.

      We’d love to send you a catalog as well as samples of our styles and finishes. You can order those here: https://www.cliqstudios.com/kitchen-cabinet-samples/

  9. Kelly Reply

    We’re planning on doing a green island. Is it possible to do colors other than the ones you have listed? Or could we get it unpainted and have someone else paint it?

    • CliqStudios Social Media Reply

      At this time we do not offer unpainted cabinets.

  10. Ana Reply

    i want to know if i can get only an island?

    • CliqStudios Social Media Reply

      Our design team would be happy to talk to you about options for only purchasing an island. Call 888-350-1242 to get started.

  11. Hector Cardona Reply

    Remodelar la cocina tiene una medida de 6 X 10. Solo me interesa hacer los gabinetes de abajo y ponerle el tope en granito

  12. Beth Philips Reply

    I have been working with a designer and looking at cabinets and colors online for a a couple of months. I have ordered samples in 6 different colors and borrowed my neighbors sample to make sure I got color I want. Today I was told that the color I chose would be a 25% upcharge. It was listed in color choices for my style Austin with no mention of it being so much higher. I chose bright white. I am disappointed that I spent time and money on that color sample without knowing about upcharge. My quote was near 12,000 so 25% surcharge is out of question.
    Very disappointed.

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