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Getting your new kitchen design ready for all family members is essential so everyone has access to the items they need. Prepare for children in the kitchen by making it more convenient with designated self-serve areas that are kid-safe. This not only frees you up to continue cooking, but keeps busy little ones out of the main work zones. Here are 5 ways to integrate kid’s items in your new kitchen.

1. Easy-Access Microwave

White inset shaker kitchen cabinets with a built-in microwaveWhite inset shaker kitchen cabinets with a built-in microwave
White inset shaker kitchen cabinets

Provide kids quick access to warm leftovers with an accessible microwave. Place it in a base cabinet or have it built-in below the countertop so younger children can always reach it. Since microwaves aren’t one of the main appliances, keep this on the outskirts of your kitchen so it can easily serve the whole family.

2. Convenient Refrigerator Drawers

Every kid needs quick access to snacks. Make it easy with a built-in refrigerator drawer. These convenient appliances take up a minimal amount of space in a drawer base cabinet and can hold endless amounts of kid favorites, from cheese sticks to applesauce pouches. Install this appliance in the outer edges of your kitchen to make snacks easy and convenient.

3. Base Cabinet Snack Storage

Cream shaker kitchen cabinet drawers with interior organizersCream shaker kitchen cabinet drawers with interior organizers
Cream shaker kitchen cabinets

Whether it’s snack bars, fish crackers, or some candy, kids need an organized storage space to house non-refrigerated snacks. Use a 2 or 3-drawer base cabinet and organize food by category. Cabinet inserts and dividers can easily assist with keeping your cabinets clean, along with kid-safe jars and storage bins. Drawer cabinets can also be used to store kid’s plates and silverware for quick access.

4. Juice Beverage Coolers

If there’s extra room in your kitchen remodel budget, opt for a beverage cooler. This appliance fits everyone’s needs whether that’s juice or pop. There’s flexibility in size and, if you choose, you can get a panel-ready beverage cooler to match your kitchen cabinet style. Place this piece on the end of an island or base cabinet run, so thirsty family members don’t walk into busy work zones.

5. Built-in Step Stool

Person standing on a foldable step stoolPerson standing on a foldable step stool

When it’s time for the kids to get involved in cooking, or even just washing their hands, having an easy-to-use step stool is a lifesaver. For a less expensive option, pick a small fold-up stool of your choice and allocate a narrow full-height door cabinet to store it. If you’d like a more custom option, coordinate with a designer and contractor to make a built-in pull-out step stool. Having this option available makes functioning in the kitchen every day much easier.

Some Final Recommendations

Including your kids needs into your new kitchen design is very important, but make sure you prioritize the main functions of your kitchen first. The kitchen’s main work triangle, (the distance between the refrigerator, sink, and cooktop) and all the new storage solutions being added should take precedence. Once these items are accounted for, add in specialized storage for kids away from any cooking surfaces and sharp kitchen tools and utensils. Lastly, benefit your home long-term by choosing kid-friendly solutions that can eventually be converted into regular storage.


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