4 Tips for Family Friendly Kitchen Design

July 2, 2021No comments

A baby in a blue onsie opening a lower cabinet drawer.

A kitchen remodel is a big stage in any homeowner’s life. Most people only remodel a kitchen once in their lifetime. It’s important to create a design that can grow with you over time. One such example is a homeowner adapting their space for a growing family. Today were a going to look at kitchen design tips for a family friendly kitchen design.

1. Prioritize Your Cabinetry Layout

A well-organized cabinetry layout is essential to any kitchen. In the kitchen of a growing family, it is a top priority when remodeling. The layout of your kitchen will dictate the flow through the kitchen. Save yourself from future headaches and think about how to maximize your kitchen triangle for easy exhausted meal preparation and late-night bottle heating.

2. Plan for Messes

Let’s be honest, kids are messy. But that’s not a bad thing! Instead of constantly feeling stressed about the messes found in your kitchen, be ready for them. Knowing kitchen cleaning tips will help you stay organized and on top of any messes that come your way.

Your family friendly kitchen design choices can equally ease the stress of messes. For example, a Pull-out Trash and Recycling bin makes it easy to tuck away messes and conceal odors.

3. Create Family Friendly Spaces

Dayton shaker cabinet style in painted White finish paired with Dayton in painted Carbon finish.

Afraid that one of your tiny mess makers will grow into a bigger, mobile mess maker? There is a way to plan ahead. Parent Guide has useful tips on how to properly baby proof your cabinets. Invest in the proper child safety locks in your kitchen. Additionally, create safe spaces for baby to wander and explore. For example, you might allow your baby supervised access to a drawer filled with plastic containers and not fragile kitchen items. Or if you’re really brave, you’ll let toddler jam out with your collection of pots and pans.

4. Storage, Storage, Storage

There’s nothing worse than struggling to find what you need only to have it lost in a sea of loose plastic lids and wooden spoons. Save time and sanity by organizing all the items you need to keep the entire family happy, including baby.

For bottles and formula, consider adding Roll-out Trays to your design for easy access and high visibility. Or the Multi-storage drawer to keep various items neat and tidy.

Finally, A skilled kitchen designer can work wonders with cabinetry layout. At CliqStudios, we are excited to help you prepare for family friendly kitchen by taking the stress out of finding the right cabinetry design.

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