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The Beauty of Maple

Maple kitchen cabinets are one the most popular choices for today's homes because of their toughness and distinct beauty. Maple is a versatile hardwood and can be used in both contemporary and traditional designs. It is predominately white to creamy-white in color and occasionally contains subtle streaks of reddish brown tones that accent its look. Maple is close-grained, dense, hard, sturdy and very durable. It features uniform graining and a fine texture, which provides a smooth appearance.

Characteristics of Maple

Characteristic markings on maple cabinets may include fine brown lines, wavy or curly graining, bird's eye dots and mineral streaks. Grain patterns and mineral markings become more pronounced with stain, enriching the detail of maple wood.

The natural features described below are normal and are not considered defects:

  • Creamy white, light blonde or dark reddish-brown tones
  • Mineral streaks and insect marks will appear darker with stain
  • Wavy, bird's eye or burl graining will appear darker with stain
  • Cabinets in a lighter stain can be expected to yellow over time
  • Variations within a single door and among adjacent cabinets
  • The image to the left is unstained maple hardwood

Available Maple Door Styles