After transforming more than 30,000 kitchens with quality cabinets, CliqStudios has seen many kitchen peninsula designs. According to HGTV, “A peninsula is basically a connected island, converting an L-shaped kitchen layout into a horseshoe or U-shape.”

Many homeowners desire the ever-so-popular island, but the peninsula is just as useful and eye-catching. In addition, a kitchen peninsula is a smart alternative for a kitchen layout where an island isn’t practical. Therefore, we are going to celebrate the versatility of the kitchen peninsula by looking at some of our favorite peninsula kitchen designs.

1. The Best of Style and Function

A black and white kitchen remodel.
Chairs are added to this peninsula for a stylish sitting area.
U-shaped kitchen with white shaker cabinets with overlay doors
On the other side of this peninsula are convenient storage solutions: a Super Susan and Microwave Cabinet.

First, we have a tailored and modern new Jersey kitchen, a perfect example of how a peninsula can combine style and function. On one side of the peninsula is a sitting space, making it an ideal place for gathering. The peninsula is surrounded with base molding, a detail that gives it a built-in furniture quality that seamlessly fits the sleek style of the overall kitchen. Secondly, the peninsula is accented by stylish chairs and touches of color from accessories like plants. While on the other side are practical storage solutions like a Super Susan, and Microwave Cabinet.

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2. Opening a Once Crowded Space

Slab white
A bright and lively peninsula fits in well with this kitchen remodel.
Removing upper cabinets over the island.
Removing outdated cabinets transforms this kitchen.

This modern makeover of a 1960s kitchen is dramatic. The dark and crowded original kitchen is replaced by bright and lively features. The homeowners kept a similar layout to their existing cabinetry, but opened up the space by eliminating crowded and dingy cabinets that hung over the peninsula. Furthermore, by adding cabinet storage to other areas of the room, they eliminated the need for the upper cabinets above the peninsula, thus opening up the room. White is a perfect choice for a peninsula because of the light feel it lends to the overall room.

3. An Entertaining Dream Spot

transitional gray kitchen remodeled with white countertops and glass cabinet doors
The perfect peninsula for entertaining guests.
Shaker light gray sink
A transitional gray peninsula.

Next this transitional gray kitchen makes for a unique and inviting space. The homeowners of this kitchen wanted a space ideal for entertaining and found it with their updated design. Finally, with their new peninsula that seats five people, they have plenty of room for guests to gather and socialize.

Additionally, the peninsula offers ample countertop space, ideal for preparing meals, socializing or even doing homework with the kids. Think of this kitchen as the stage and the peninsula as seating for the audience. With this design, it’s easy for guests and family alike to enjoy every moment of the cooking production.

4. Not One Peninsula, but Two!

Gray kitchen with two peninsulas, stainless appliances, dining room buffet and beverage centerGray kitchen with two peninsulas, stainless appliances, dining room buffet and beverage center

Lastly, we have a beautiful kitchen with Shaker cabinets in modern medium gray that has not one peninsula, but two! After working with her CliqStudios kitchen designer, this homeowner realized that their initial goal of incorporating a kitchen island into her design didn’t fit her space. Adding two peninsulas offered more room for cooking, entertaining and storage.


Creative Kitchen Peninsula Ideas for Smaller Spaces.

Possible Peninsula Features

Finally finding the right layout for your kitchen is made easy with the help of a trusted kitchen designer. CliqStudios designers collaborate with you to find the best ways to lay out cabinetry in your home.

Get started creating your dream peninsula. Below are several storage and decorative items to add the perfect touch to your kitchen peninsula.

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Cooking Storage

Microwave Cabinet

Knife Block Drawer

Looking to keep knifes organized and out of the way? The Knife Block Drawer keeps sharp items concealed in a solid hardwood drawer box.

Knife Block Drawer

Knife Block Drawer

Looking to keep knifes organized and out of the way? The Knife Block Drawer keeps sharp items concealed in a solid hardwood drawer box.

Pantry Storage

Peg Drawer

Peg Drawer

The Peg Drawer with removable birch pegs lets you organize dishware in tidy, secure stacks.

Pull-out Trash

Pull-out Trash

Tuck away waste and recycling in a convenient Pull-out Wastebasket cabinet.

Roll-out Trays

Roll-out Trays

Bring the entire contents of your shelf out for easy access using handy Roll-out Trays

Decorative Details

Cabinet Paneling

Choose from Beadboard, Decorative Door, and Finished End Cabinet Paneling to add a finishing touch to your cabinetry.