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The hardest part of every kitchen remodel is the beginning. It’s easy to start tearing out walls and removing old cabinets, but figuring out what needs to change is something else entirely. Creating a wish list will set the tone for your whole project and give you a guide for moving forward. Set the proper foundation for your project by using the steps below to make your kitchen remodeling wish list.

Shaker kitchen cabinets with peninsula in light grayShaker kitchen cabinets with peninsula in light gray
Shaker kitchen cabinets in light gray

Grab Must-Have Pins & Photos

Anyone interested in home improvement has some sort of inspiration spurring on their desire to remodel. For most, this will come in the form of photos and pins from social media. Start reviewing pins and pictures you have saved to find common themes. Do all these photos have specific cabinet finishes and colors, types of hardware and lighting, or something more specific like drink centers? Place your most favorite photos in a remodeling file to use as you start the design process.


Where is Your Kitchen Lacking?

Every kitchen needs some improvement no matter how big or small. Walk around your kitchen and take notes as you think about how you like to function in your kitchen, and what hasn’t been working. This could be a corner cabinet that’s always a mess or a dishwasher that’s too far away from the sink, maybe even on the wrong side. Be thorough so these problems are resolved after your remodel.


What’s Been Working?

Sometimes older kitchens function really well. Not every older kitchen is filled with problems. Much like before, walk around and think about what works well while you cook, during clean up, and what you like about current storage. Bringing those things into your new kitchen with other positive changes will make it so much better than before, and you will be over the moon with the transformation.


What Improvements Are Needed?

When the kitchen remodel is said and done, what are some necessary improvements you need? This could take the form of a pantry with pull-out storage, a coffee or drink bar to improve the workflow of the kitchen, or moving the sink or cooktop to the island. Prioritize these things in order of importance so you know where there’s flexibility. If your budget allows, incorporate all the improvements, but if you come up short, you will know what to cut out.

Utensil kitchen cabinet organizerUtensil kitchen cabinet organizer
Utensil kitchen cabinet organizer

Identify Your Kitchen Style

There’s a good chance you already know the style you like if you’ve been looking at inspirational photos for a while. There are, however, some giveaways to find out what interior design style may be best for you. Do you stop scrolling when you see weathered wood finishes and lantern pendants? Then farmhouse-style may be for you. Are you finding minimal and clean designs more favorable? That probably means contemporary would be the best fit. And if you like a combination of many things, your style could be either transitional or eclectic.


Don’t Be Afraid to Dream

As with any remodel, there’s always a budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream. Incorporate some of those ‘far off’ items into your wish list. You might be surprised at what you can do with your budget. If you decide to work with a designer, they will personally help walk you through those decisions and can share price differences, so you make the most educated and informed decisions for your kitchen remodel.


Partner With a Designer

One of the most invaluable tools you can have for a successful remodel is a designer. Not only do they have years of experience, but a designer can catch expensive errors before ordering.  Designers can also give you detailed pricing on what’s most cost effective, and you gain access to cabinet lines that aren’t available for self-checkout on the CliqStudios website. Among many other reasons, designers have the professional expertise that most homeowners need.


As you can see, creating a wish list is essentially the first ‘draft’ or starting game plan for your kitchen remodel. Making your own will prevent a lot of headaches, stress, and indecision down the road because you came into it prepared.


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