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Last Minute Gifts for DIYers

December 20, 2016No comments


Many of us know at least one handyman, handyma’am, or prolific DIYer who seems to be hard to shop for.  One glance at his or her workshop or toolbox, and all of a sudden shopping for that person becomes very intimidating indeed.  …A truck with tools of all types!  …A workbench with wondrous widgets!   …A garage that’s got gadgets galore!   It could be easy to assume that handy person already has every single thing they could possibly ever need!

So what’s a wannabe Santa to do?

Fear not!  Many tools have recently received a much-needed technological upgrade, and are ripe for replacement.  Some tools, on the other hand, you can simply never have too many of.  Either way, here’s a short list of holiday gift ideas that would even make Tim “the tool-man” Taylor smile on Christmas morning.

1) Hammer.  One of the most basic and ubiquitous of tools, they are often the most used and abused.  Many times used for anything but setting or pulling nails, hammers get dinged and knocked around; thrown about onto the ground, they get dirty and grime-y.  Handles get worn down, heads get chipped.  Also, hammers never seem to be handy when you need one, and many pros keep one stashed in several different places for that exact reason.

In recent years, manufacturers have developed many new types of hammers, some including specialized features to aid in specific tasks.  However, this next generation of hammers all share one very useful innovation:  shock absorption.  Long days of hammering can take a toll on the hardiest of handymen, but “anti-vibration” handles go a long way to ensuring that both days of the weekend stay productive.

Popular choices include:
Fiskars IcoCore, Stanley FATMAX Anit-Vibe, Estwing Ultra Hammer

Handyman gifts that never get old 2) Tape Measure.  Another ever-present tool that can rival the hammer in its usefulness on the jobsite, in your basement, and even at the office.  Tape measures take their fair share of punishment as they are tossed around in a truck bed, fall from the tops of ladders, and get stepped on or crushed by construction materials.  Unlike many other hand tools, they include a mechanical component — the torsion spring retraction mechanism — which can get jammed with debris or broken if pulled out too far.  Many wear tape measures clipped onto a belt or a construction holster, which is handy but also means that tapes can get caught on doors, lumber, and toolboxes, further adding to their wear and tear.

Today’s tapes are made to take a beating, and can take what any construction site can dish out.  Even though most will be around for many years to come, no DIYer will ever turn their nose at the gift of a brand new, high quality tape measure to strap on and show off on the next job.

Take a look at:
Stanley FATMAX, Craftsman Sidewinder, eTape 16 Digital Tape Measure

3) Multi-bit Screwdriver.  The one multi-tool that never goes out of style, since it’s not really a multi-tool!  It is actually the humble screw-driver simply tweaked to be in its most useful form.  The older a house, the more varieties of screws one is bound to encounter when tackling a fix-it job. There is no home improvement or renovation project that won’t be made easier by having one of these at your side.

Some multi-bit drivers let you jump between phllips and flat in a flash.  Others even add hex, star, and other exotic driver shapes to round out your arsenal.  One thing is for sure, these guys help drive results without screwing around.

Pick up one for you too:
Milwaukee 8IN1 Ratchet Multi Bit Driver, KLEIN 11-IN-1, Harbor Freight 4-in-1

Happy holidays!

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