How CliqStudios’ Process Works

Measuring icon depicting an image of a measuring tape.

1. Measure
You provide measurements and
photos of your space.

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2. Design
Expert designers help you design your
kitchen over the phone and email.

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3. Delivery
Your cabinets are built-to-order and
shipped to your remodeling site!

CliqStudios is a smarter, easier way to a designer kitchen. With a team of 100+ kitchen designers that have guided 30,000+ project remodels to completion, we have the knowledge and experience to help you make your renovation a success.

Here’s what to expect with CliqStudios and our process:

About Us
CliqStudios started with the idea that remodeling a kitchen could be easier and more affordable.

How to Start Remodeling Your Kitchen
Follow these 7 steps to start off your remodel on the right foot.

We are your top source for cabinetry. With over 130 style and color combinations that fit your budget. 

We do not have physical showrooms. Our kitchen designers do not make home visits. We are not your typical cabinet dealer.

The typical cabinet dealer is middleman who buys from cabinet manufacturers and re-sells them at higher prices to homeowners. Customers pay for their brick-and-mortar storefronts in their cabinet bills.

CliqStudios is the manufacturer. We believe in quality and style at the best possible price. Our online-only business eliminates the cost of storefronts, allowing us to sell cabinets for up to 40% less than big box stores.

Since we don’t make home visits, we ask you, the homeowner, to provide measurements of your kitchen.

A simple sketch is all we need to get started.

“Measurements are always important,” says Brady Johnson, a Project Coordinator at CliqStudios. “We want to get the right ones because we want our customers to have a great experience and get a very accurate quote.”

Project Coordinators help clients prepare to work with a kitchen designer. That includes helping clients collect kitchen measurements. A simple sketch is all that’s needed for a designer to start creating a realistic kitchen plan.

“There’s a lot of apprehension and fear that goes into getting the tape measure out,” Brady says. “’Am I going to make a mistake? Is this measurement going to be accurate? How far do I measure?’

Don’t worry about measuring any of the current cabinets, said Brady. “We’re looking for the bones of the kitchen. The walls, windows, and doorways.” With those basic measurements, “we can start putting in cabinets and really make the design special to your kitchen.”

Once you start getting closer to finalizing your design, take care to verify dimensions with the help of a contractor or cabinet installer.

We are cabinetmakers and designers by trade – not installers.

DIY-friendly customers find our cabinets easy enough to install themselves. Others will want to hire a contractor or cabinet installer.

As you plan your remodeling project, finding an installer should be one of the big questions on your mind.

Since our cabinets come fully assembled by the factory, many of our DIY-friendly customers find them easy enough to install themselves with the help of our installation guides.

But if you’re not feeling handy, referral services such as NARI and Home Advisor can help you find a reputable and qualified installer.

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Professional kitchen designers are here to address your questions and concerns.

Responsive, patient, and committed to your project’s success, a kitchen designer will help guide you through your project.

A kitchen designer helps your kitchen remodel run as smoothly as possible. Always available to answer your questions or rework plans, CliqStudios designers are known to be communicative, knowledgeable, helpful, and professional.

“What I usually tell my clients is: don’t think of me as just the cabinet guy. I’m your designer for everything,” said CliqStudios kitchen designer Kevin Kuerbs. “There’s a whole plethora of things that go into the kitchen and I’m kind of the ring leader that puts it all together.”

It starts off with an initial phone call. Your designer will introduce themselves and ask some questions to help them understand your project wants, needs, and goals.  The designer will want to know what kind of style you’re going for, the colors you’re using, as well as the pictures and mood boards you’ve saved.

“As soon as we have the information needed to start the design process, the whole thing could take anywhere from three days to six months,” says Tessa Buhman, Senior Designer. “It really depends on the client’s timeline.”

After the initial call, your designer will create an initial design. The initial design is a starting point – a first draft. The design includes technical drawings and colored 3D renderings to help you visualize the new space.

View a sample design packet

Review the design and offer feedback for revisions. If there’s something you want to see a different way or take a different direction, let your designer know. It often takes a few revisions before you create a design you really love.

“Usually, bigger houses require multiple revisions,” says Keurbs. “For smaller projects – or if the client knows what they want already – one or two revisions and then it’s done.”

When you’re happy with your design, your designer will create a final design with a final quote. By this point, your designer will have asked you to verify crucial aspects of the design such as kitchen dimensions and appliance specifications.

Your designer will go through the design with you one last time and show you how to checkout online. Purchase your cabinets once you’re ready.

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When the design is finalized, we build and ship the cabinets straight to your remodeling site.

Cabinet orders can be complicated. We’ll make sure that any issues will be resolved promptly and efficiently.

Upon receiving your order, our Indiana manufacturing facility will start building your cabinets. The lead time is 4 to 6 weeks; orders with custom modifications (such as for a matching wood range hood) may take 5 to 7 weeks.

When the order departs the plant, you’ll receive a shipping notification with information about the delivery, the timing, and the contact information for your local delivery agent. The delivery agent will call you to schedule your cabinet delivery.

The cabinet boxes will be delivered to the first accessible dry area, such as a garage. Inspect the boxes for any kind of damages, such as a dented corner, and report them to the agent.

Although the delivery agent won’t have time to wait for you to open your boxes, schedule time to inspect the cabinets, check for missing pieces, and make sure that everything you ordered is in good condition.

“In a manufacturing and shipping environment, it’s realistic that things can go wrong” says Jill Lombardi, Customer Service Manager. “The way we set ourselves apart is how we recover and how we assist that customer to make sure we can make it right.”

Our rush orders will take 7 to 14 days, depending on the product. If it is a custom order, the replacement may take as long as three weeks. We are committed to delivering your product quickly and efficiently. Please understand that as a semi-custom cabinet company, we do not have product waiting on the shelf to quickly turn around and ship in 24 hours.

“Sometimes, something might not get put on that truck, and then you’re missing a cabinet,” says DeAnn, a customer service representative for CliqStudios. “Just give customer service a call. We’re there to help you. If you prefer to send an email, we’ll work from email. If you prefer to go onto our website, we have a claim form to fill out there. The end result is: just report it to us and we’ll get it done as fast as possible.”

Our best advice?

  • Do inspect all your cabinets for damages, defects, or missing pieces
  • Do contact CliqStudios customer service if anything is wrong with your order
  • Don’t demo before you receive the cabinets
  • Don’t schedule your installer until after you’ve inspected your cabinets

“Please be patient,” says Lombardi. “We know you’re excited for that new kitchen. But go through our product, and make sure all the parts and pieces are there before you rip out your existing cabinets.”

Want a new kitchen but nervous about the process?

You’re not alone.

Most people only do this once, and want to do it right. It’s totally normal to feel apprehensive. But with the right support and guidance, anyone can transform their space into a kitchen they love.

3d rendering of cliqstudios kitchen design with white shaker cabinets and tea leaf kitchen island with seating

Ready to start your free design?

Send us a sketch with your kitchen measurements

and we’ll connect you with your personal designer.

Showing 8 comments

  1. Barbara S Reply

    Do we get to see actual samples sent to us-showing chosen door style?

    Do we get actual samples sent to us-showing choice(s) of finishes?

    • CliqStudios Social Media Reply

      Yes, when you order samples you will choose which of our door styles and finishes you’d like to see.

  2. Blanca / Luis Arellano Reply

    My wife wants solid wood kitchen cabinets, what exactly is solid wood on a kitchen cabinet? I know that on the doors, the rails and stiles and in many cases the panels are solid wood, do you offer this?

    • CliqStudios Social Media Reply

      Specifically all of our cabinets are semi-custom, fully-assembled, built-to-fit and ready-to-install. Our boxes are made with 1/2-inch plywood sides and a 3/8-inch plywood back. All are fully captured dado joints that are secured with both wood glue and pneumatic nails for strength. Our face frames and door frames are solid hardwood – maple, birch, oak or cherry depending on which wood species you select. Our drawers have four solid hardwood sides with dovetail joints. Most styles are available with a choice of a slab or a five-piece drawer front. Our cabinets have soft-close drawer glides and hinges. Our finishes are hand-applied in multiple steps before being baked on for long-lasting beauty and durability.

  3. Carole Rummell Reply

    Do you deliver to Lakefield, Ontario, Canada?

    • CliqStudios Social Media Reply

      We only deliver to the lower 48 states in the US.

  4. Jeff Reply

    Who designs the counter tops

    • CliqStudios Social Media Reply

      Great question! Typically the countertops are sourced locally by the homeowner. We do, however, provide Cambria countertops in select states, those being Indiana, Oregon, New Hampshire, and Minnesota. To get started or to speak to a designer, call 888-350-1242.

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