Top 5 Favorite Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

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Why is the Shaker Cabinet Style So Popular?

Why is the Shaker cabinet still the most popular cabinet style? The simplicity of the door design makes it relatively easy to produce high quality furniture in larger volumes. If you are looking for a cabinet front that is easier to keep clean, Shaker is the style you need. The simplicity of the door and drawer fronts make the cabinets easier to clean and less likely to sustain nicks and chips.

The Shaker style cabinet door is one of the most universally popular furniture styles of all time and it originated in a small isolated religious community. There is a direct link between the beliefs of the Shakers (a branch of the Quakers) and the look of the cabinet door style they created. The lifestyle, as well as the furniture construction was humble, simplistic, high quality and consistent. Coincidently these qualities are what the cabinet style is known for.

Some people find them flat or boring, but that is exactly the point of this construction, and explains the enduring appeal. Shaker doors are meant to be the canvas rather than the focal point, acting as a framework for the kitchen design project. People choose these doors because they represent the quality of the materials and building craftsmanship, instead of ornamentation and decoration.

The Shaker Style Cabinet Has Evolved Over Time

The original Shaker cabinet door was produced with a simple frame construction and a center panel. The drawer front was a solid slab. Today there are several different options available, but all are based on a simple frame.  You can select a drawer front that is either framed or solid slab. You will find a style that fits your dream kitchen ideas. Each of our cabinet lines offers several shaker style cabinet doors.

The Signature Line offers two standard Shaker styles and a very special inset shaker door. Check out the signature line here.

The Signature Plus Line offers all four of the most popular Shaker style cabinet doors. Check out the Signature Plus line here

The Craftsman Line offers three distinct options in the Shaker style door. Check out the Craftsman line here.

In selecting any of these Shaker style cabinet doors, you can be sure they are built with the quality and craftsmanship the style is known for. All are designed to create a beautiful cabinet canvas as part of your dream kitchen. For more information connect with our design team and set up an appointment for a complimentary design consultation.  

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60 pages of photos and information on cabinet styles, storage options, specialty cabinets and accessories, and a remodel planning guide.

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