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College Grove Tennessee kitchen renovation features CliqStudios Rockford Cherry Russet cabinets

Upgrading to Up

April 7, 2017No comments

Most of us humans tend to think in two dimensions most of the time. Even though we inhabit a three-dimensional world, our day-to-day activities mostly happen in terms of left, right, backwards, forwards.

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Modern Slab Cabinet Doors

A Young Family’s Warm and Modern Kitchen

February 8, 20171 comment

When you consider the kitchen to be the true heart of their home, it’s was important to create a space that works for your family. After requesting free door samples, they decided that CliqStudios’ “Style 31” cabinets in white best appealed to their modern sensibilities.

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Rethinking Wallpaper

Rethinking Wallpaper

February 6, 2017No comments

At the risk of saying that what’s old is new again, wallpaper is making a comeback. However, since this is definitely not your grandpappy’s wallpaper, is this something actually all new?

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Millennial Homeowners

Millennial Homeowners: How They Did It

February 2, 2017No comments

As this generation is finishing college and entering the workforce, their paths to homeownership are simply different than it has been in the past. One of the most noticiable differences is their delay in purchasing a home. Many do not do so until their very late 20’s or early 30’s, due to the misperception that they cannot afford a home or they do not have financing options.

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Inirv React

Did I Leave The Stove On?

January 31, 2017No comments

This is a question that has haunted people for as long as the modern stove has existed. Indeed, it has become such a common Hollywood trope, so as to be a cliche. And yet, it is still a real problem. Perhaps even more so in today’s always busy, ever hurried world.

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