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Unbelievable DIY Transformation

April 13, 2017No comments

Nelson and Cindy were very excited when they bought their house in 2001, and were also proud to own such a handsome 1903 craftsman-style home. Sadly, many of its historical elements had gone missing over the years, and even Nelson admits that the house was “in very rough shape.” None of this mattered as the couple looked past the decades of neglect and saw nothing but potential in their gem of a home.

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College Grove Tennessee kitchen renovation features CliqStudios Rockford Cherry Russet cabinets

Upgrading to Up

April 7, 2017No comments

Most of us humans tend to think in two dimensions most of the time. Even though we inhabit a three-dimensional world, our day-to-day activities mostly happen in terms of left, right, backwards, forwards.

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Brady Bunch Kitchen

Retro TV Kitchen – The Brady Bunch

April 6, 20176 comments

Since family Mike Brady was an architect, you can bet that his very own kitchen would reflect the latest trends and build styles. Clearly, one of the most strking features of the Brady kitchen is their use of the period color scheme. Never before nor since had rusty orange and avocado green been used with such furvor.

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