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Have a Seat: How to Build an Entryway Bench or Window Seat

September 24, 20142 comments

Is there a space in your home just begging for a bench?

You can use kitchen cabinets to create a cozy snuggle spot in a bay window, a shoe bench for your entryway, toy storage in a kid’s room, or a breakfast nook. Build the bench from drawer and door units, or create a storage chest with a piano-hinge top. Add a matching beadboard seat back and some colorful cushions, and you have it—storage, seating and a focal point, all in one project. Our designers are masters at combining cabinet units to create custom benches.

The irresistible window seat bench

A natural landing place for guests and the after-school crowd, a kitchen window seat simply shouts, “Come in and stay a while.” Typically dominated by hard surfaces, a kitchen welcomes the soft touch of cushions and fabric. This homeowner used the bench to add color and interest to a neutral décor. The bench below was built with cabinets ordinarily used above a refrigerator.

kitchen window bench built from white cabinets with green cushions


What kitchen ever has enough drawer storage?

This kitchen window bench was built with three drawer units and spacers. It creates a graceful transition between the base cabinets on the left and the pantry cabinets on the right. The bright cushions reflect the beautiful red of the island cabinets.

kitchen window seat built from white cabinets with red cushions


laundry room cabinets with shoe bench, open cubbies and countertop in white shaker style

Design by Nikki Schnitzler

Keep your family entry neat with shoe bench storage

On the left is a picture of a shoe bench with drawer storage. Integrated into the laundry room cabinets, the bench invites family members to take them off and tuck them out of sight. The beadboard surround and coat hook rail reinforce the casual country look of the Shaker cabinets and wooden countertop. Open shelves provide easy access to baskets and a visual break in the cabinets.

Make it yours with a custom design

You won’t find benches or window seats in our cabinet catalog. A bench, like a kitchen island, will be designed to fit your space and meet your specific needs. How does your family use the space? What are your storage needs—shelves, drawers, or cupboards? Do you want to create a contrasting focal point or a seamless segue between two spaces? Feel free to call our Design Studio at 800-350-1242 and ask for ideas—we are there to help.

Do you have a favorite window seat memory? Questions about how to build a bench for your mudroom? Post a comment below.

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  1. Debra Conner Reply

    that is very clever, do you think this would work with a bay window type set up? I have 3 window and
    the make up a half circle…do you think the same concept could be used with a little modification?


    • Becky Gamble Reply

      With full cabinets and cabinet fronts, you can fill almost any space. Your solution might require a fairly skillful carpenter to fit the cabinet face plates into the angled space.

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