Glass Cabinet Doors

Glass doors let the light into your kitchen space, illuminating your kitchen and letting your ceramics and dishware shine. Open-frame and mullion door cabinets will arrive prepared for glass or other insert material you purchase locally.

A gray and white two-toned kitchen using CliqStudios Shaker cabinets in White and Medium Gray.
Aluminum framed doors that opens upwards.

Aluminum Frame Door

A powerful tool in the modern design kit, the aluminum-frame glass door cabinet adds an element of sophistication and high-tech style to a modern, transitional or traditional design.

Open Framed doors with glass inserts.

Open Frame Door

Nothing lets you express yourself in a kitchen more than glass. Cabinet doors modified to have open frames are ready for you to fill with one of the many options available at your local glass dealer. Light up the interior and add your favorite dishes or artwork, and you have created a beautiful focal point.

Glass doors with mullion dividers.

Mullion Door

Mullions, dividers that create a lattice across a glass door cabinet, provide a particularly dressy touch to a kitchen design. Personalize your kitchen with your choice of art glass or other insert.

CliqStudios Shaker Inset CH White


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