Kitchen Renovation in Historic Preservation District

AustinWhite & Tea LeafMya HSt. Paul, MN

This total wow kitchen transformation features CliqStudios Austin inset white kitchen cabinets, pro grade appliances, a zinc range hood and marble countertops. 

kitchen in century old home in st paul minnesota has white shaker cabinets with custom glass doors and island built of tea leaf green cabinets topped with white marble countertop and custom zinc hood over a pro range
Working on a kitchen renovation in a 115-year-old house can present challenges. Especially one in an historic preservation district and surrounded by stately mansions.

“Anything you can view from outside the home can’t be altered because of codes,” explains Mya Honeywell, who bought the home with her husband Eric Ruhland. “And the quality had to be there to stay true to the neighborhood.”

The couple nearly passed on the grand home because of its kitchen. “When we first came through the house with our realtor we were so horrified by how bad the kitchen was that we never looked at the apartment on the third floor, or the carriage house in the back,” she said. “The kitchen was in such incredibly bad shape that we walked away.”

Woman and little boy in kitchen as boy6 tastes foodBut Mya owns other property that had needed work, and renovation is in her blood – her father is a carpenter and her brother is a contractor. “A month later our realtor hosted an open-house at the place, and I thought ‘I’m just going to walk through one more time’. Since I was prepared for just how bad the kitchen was, I got to think about what it could be.”

Entering the home with fresh eyes let the young couple see its charm and potential. They bought the home soon after, then set to fixing that kitchen.

Both wife and husband enjoy cooking, and were very involved in planning the kitchen remodel. Eric was most interested in functionality, while Mya demanded beauty and quality. Designing a kitchen to please them both – and stand up to the tortures their young son could dish out – was no easy task, but CliqStudios designer Jessica Tindall was up for the challenge.

kitchen designer and homeowner discuss plans “I’ve worked with big-box retailers in the past, and just getting someone to answer basic questions is a pain,” Mya said. “If you’re lucky enough to get kitchen specs from someone, it’ll just be a simple sketch on a sheet of graph paper. Once we knew we’d actually be living in this home and raising our son here, we saw we needed more than that. The kitchen renovation took months. Jessica came up with six separate plans in that time, and dozens and dozens of little tweaks. She was so responsive, it blew my mind! One evening, while driving home through St. Paul’s dense traffic, I called Jessica with a problem. It was way past normal work hours, but Jessica not only took the call, she had a revised 17-page plan waiting in my inbox when I got home!”

Their new kitchen blends CliqStudios’ Austin-style inset cabinets with the home’s original crown molding, doors and built-ins. The couple cut no corners, fitting it out with absolutely top of the line appliances. The couple needed top-notch cabinetry to complement this, and it had to be customizable; historic codes meant they could not alter the location or size of the room’s windows.

“We wanted a classic, timeless product, and it had to be quality,” Mya said. “Having solid plywood construction, with hardwood framing means these cabinets are built to last. I’ve been to many of the custom cabinet shops in the area and know you can spend up to 40 perfect of your total kitchen budget on cabinets. But that just doesn’t make sense when you can get semi-custom cabinets from CliqStudios that are just as good, or better, plus access their amazing customer service.”

island built of painted green tea leaf cabinets has microwave drawer, porcelain apron sink and dishwasherThe centerpiece of the couple’s new kitchen is right in the center – an island containing a vintage-look sink, dishwasher, and CliqStudios cabinets set off by decorative base moldings. Painted an eye-pleasing Tea Leaf green, the centerpiece compliments the rest of the kitchen. “With white marble countertops, white tile floors and crisp white painted cabinets elsewhere in the kitchen, we worked with Jessica to ensure the island would provide some interesting contrast. And she really nailed it!”

kitchen has white shaker inset cabinets, custom butcher block pastry center, apron sink, professional gas range and custom range hood and glass door cabinets

The couple enjoys entertaining in their new kitchen, and watching their son grow up in it. They plan on using CliqStudios again with their investment properties. And Mya’s brother – the contractor who built their kitchen – has already recommended CliqStudios to his other clients.

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Before & After Photos

black cabinet latches in white inset farmhouse traditional kitchen refrigerator
mother and child high-five over bowl of cereal in renovated kitchen with white inset cabinets
Kitchen with Inset Door Shaker Cabinets and Island
a traditional kitchne style white inset cabinetry kitchen island

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  1. peter Reply

    Kitchen is awesome. I’m putting a sketch together in the next few days to get my remodel started.
    Quick question, for Sub-Zero fridges can custom front panels be made? Perhaps same as integrated dishwasher with custom panel option?

    Can’t wait for my design to flourish

    • CliqStudios Reply

      Yes. Custom front-panels for appliances are a common request. Please talk to your kitchen designer to get a custom quote for a custom door panel.

  2. Christina Reply

    I love this kitchen. Is a floorplan available with matching cabinet product list/style and final cost? It is beautiful and seems very functional.

  3. Whitney Reply

    Love this kitchen and the nod to the home’s historical roots! Do you have the dimensions of this kitchen so I can gauge if we can emulate it?

    • jschmelzer Reply

      Sure. The outside wall is 17 ft 3.5 inches. The range wall is 13 ft 6.5 inches. Let us know if we can be of any assistance with your cabinet layout.

      • Aena

        May I know what is the dimension of the kitchen island?

  4. J.Clemmer Reply

    Beautiful. What color of white are the cabinets?

  5. Pam LaHay Reply

    What type of hinges did you use? on the shaker doors. They look hidden but the doors are inset with no hinges showing.

    • Tom Majewski Reply

      We use Blum 6-way, fully-adjustable, concealed soft-close hinges on our inset cabinet doors.

  6. Sue Reply

    Where were pendant lights over the island purchased? What kind of Marble on the islands?

    • Tom Majewski Reply

      Sorry to say that we have little info beyond the cabinets.

  7. sharon illenye Reply

    I wish I can see all the types of cabinet insides they chose, like where they put the pots and pans and if they have a slide out spice rack. I love the island that is a different color from the rest. I love that there are two kinds of work surface- marble and the wood. I thought I would like just a flat cabinet so would be easy to clean but really like this style though maybe I would get the drawers to be all flat and cabinets to be with raised sides. gives me many ideas for my horrifying kitchen. I love the way this turned out to be eclectic looking with many unifying features.


    Love it!! Can you please advise what color of granite that is that was used along with the backsplash tile that was used. i assume these are solid white shaker cabinets?

    • jschmelzer Reply

      Hi Tiffany. Our homeowner sourced the countertops and backsplash locally and we don’t have a record of the specific color. However those are marble countertops. If you take the photo to your local stone fabricator, their experts should be able to help you find a similar marble.

  9. Deina Wakeham Reply

    Can you tell me if the range hood in the picture is one of the styles that you carry? If so, which hood is this…the Artisan?

    • jschmelzer Reply

      Hello. We carry stainless steel and wood hoods. The hood in this kitchen is a zinc hood that our customer sourced from another supplier. We believe it may have been

  10. Renee Reply

    I’m looking to find those exact glass inserts….please tell me you have some information on those lovely things?! I just ordered ALL of my new construction cabinets from you folks.

    • Tom Majewski Reply

      Hello Renee! We get this question a lot. Sorry to tell you those glass inserts were made by the homeowner’s retired father who dabbles in these types of crafts. He makes stuff like that just for fun!

  11. Don Reply

    We love what we have seen so far , but we need to see. Much more . We are very excited to do our new kitchen , we have an empty room .

  12. Tangela Jones Reply

    Glad I came across this page. About 2 months ago, I ordered from Cabinets-To-Go! They had to be assembled, and to add insult to injury, they were from China. I returned them as soon as I possibly could. I was refunded all but 25% of my money. Had I known about this company, maybe my kitchen remodel would be complete. Hope to do business with your company soon.

  13. Linda Reply

    I love this. What hardware and finish is being used in this kitchen?

    • Tom Majewski Reply

      Sorry to say that we don’t have much information about this space beyond the cabinets.

  14. Christy Fernandes Reply

    I love this kitchen!

  15. kerry Reply

    Following up – Could you please tell me what product exactly was used for the back splash behind the Zinc range hood?

    • Tom Majewski Reply

      We’re sorry to say that we do not have information on anything other than the cabinets.

  16. kerry Reply

    Could you please tell me what product exactly was used for the back splash behind the Zinc range hood?

    • Tom Majewski Reply

      Sorry to say that we don’t have any information about the backsplash.

  17. S s mccarthy Reply

    Lucky family and what an adorable child.

  18. Sydney Reply

    Looks really great!
    Do you sell the range head as well?

    • Tom Majewski Reply

      Hello Sydney! Great question, and one that we get a lot as you can imagine. Sad to say that we do not sell that particular hood.

  19. Laura Reply

    This is very similar to my layout. Where is the fridge? Thank you! I just sent in my measurements for a design.

    • Tom Majewski Reply

      Hello Laura! We’re looking forward to working with you!! You can spot the fridge in this kitchen to the right of the wooden door, next to the exhaust hood. Check out the third picture in the gallery.

  20. Linda Reply

    Do you have an app that I can take a picture of my kitchen and design from that?

    • Tom Majewski Reply

      Hi Linda! Sadly, not yet. But we’re working on it!! 😀

  21. Tami Armstrong Reply

    Looking for a bathroom remodel. Can I get someone to help me and give an estimate? Or suggestions?

    • Tom Majewski Reply

      Hello Tami! Yes! We’d love to help you create your dream bathroom! One of our Design Team members will contact you shortly.

  22. Kaye Shafer Reply

    This looks absolutely beautiful !!! fabulous job !!!

    Kaye Shafer

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