How to Adjust Your Cabinet Doors and Drawers

cabinet hardware door hinges and drawer glides or slides

Knowing how to adjust your kitchen cabinet hardware can help you prolong the life and beauty of your new cabinetry. Semi-custom cabinets are designed to be adjustable by the homeowner. Each cabinet is built with several types of durable, high-performance hardware that will operate smoothly for years. Periodically, check your hardware to tighten hinge screws, realign drawers, and adjust runners. Hardware can move and become loose over time.

Cabinet Hardware Adjustments

Here are some signs that your cabinet hardware may need adjusting:

  • The doors or drawers are loose
  • The doors don’t stay closed
  • The drawer glides are sticky
  • The doors or drawers are uneven, angled, or unsymmetrical
  • The self-closing or soft-closing mechanism doesn’t work

Maintenance will be needed more frequently for high-use doors and during seasonal temperature changes. Doors are made of hardwood, which is affected by the temperature and humidity levels. Your cabinets may require adjustments after installation as they become acclimated to the new environment.

How to Adjust Door Hinges

How to Adjust Drawer Boxes and Glides

Cabinet Care and Maintenance
Cleaning, touch-ups, and general care.

white base cabinet drawers with cup pulls

How to Place Cabinet Hardware
Finding the right position for your knobs and pulls.

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  1. Stephanie Leontie Reply

    My hindges keep coming loose and require constant tightening and a lot of the screws will not tighten telling me they are stripped out.

  2. Tim Thoelecke Reply

    We installed our CliqStudios kitchen in 2015 and are happy customers. One issue that has been driving us nuts lately is the trash/recycling drawer. I will not stay closed. It does not have the same glides as the other drawers and I cannot figure out how to adjust them. Can you help?

    • CliqStudios Marketing Reply

      Hi Tim. Yes. Since 2015 we’ve changed how we build the trash cabinet. Look for an email from our customer service department with options for you. You may always give us a call at 888-350-1242 if you have more questions.

      • Chris Widdowson

        I have been having this same issues with our trash/recyclable cabinet. it won’t close and I have not been able to determine how to adjust the sliders. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

        • CliqStudios Marketing

          Hi Chris. Our customer support team will email information to you about how to adjust those guides.

      • Tim P.

        Having the same issue as Tim T. Can you please forward me the guide to adjust the trash drawer as well. Had them since 2014 and have this long-standing issue.

        • Dan Jones

          Apologies for that. Will need you to contact our Customer Service 888-350-1242 (Mon-Fri 7-7, Sat 8-4 CT). I believe you have the suspended trash can and they can help you with that.

      • Joseph DeVenuto

        My 2019 CliqStudios kitchen trash cabinet doesn’t close smoothly now, it is slightly askew. I looked at the hardware adjustment guide, but it wasn’t obvious to me.

        Thank you

        • Dan Jones

          Sorry to hear that. First thing to do is check to see if the glides are aligned and if any debris is interfering with the glides. I would ask that you contact our Customer Service, 888-350-1242 (Mon-Fri 7-7, Sat 8-4 CT) for clarification. When you purchased the cabinets will be helpful information because we began selling a different type (bottom mount) a few years ago. It is a possibility that a simple adjustment is needed.

  3. Tom Conneely Reply

    I need help…my one drawer wobbles as i pull it out or when it is pushed in…


    • CliqStudios Digital Marketing Reply

      Tom, this may mean that the glides your drawer rests on need to be adjusted. Page 4 of our Hardware Adjustment Guide will help you align the drawer properly. Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

  4. Randy Giaramita Reply

    I need replacement hinges for 2 cabinet doors

    • CliqStudios Digital Marketing Reply

      Thank you for contacting us Randy. I see that Customer Service placed an order for your replacement hinges today. If you need any further assistance, please let us know.

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