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Top 5 Features Kitchen Designers Recommend

October 22, 2014No comments

white glass-door cabinets flank custom wood range hood all finished with crown molding and light rail trim

The difference between “nice kitchen” and “Wow!”

We asked our designers what they use to create that special look and feel. They agree, the answer is often found in special features and modifications, extra touches that dress up standard cabinets.Here are their top five recommendations:


cherry cabinets with mullion doors (glass-front doors)Mullion doors

Shipped ready for glass inserts, mullion doors are a classic style that dresses up any kitchen. They can be fitted with a wide range of glass styles, and typically are lit from within.

With or without mullion bars, a section of glass door cabinets serves both as a focal point and display case.



top of maple cabinets trimmed with deep crown moldingCrown molding

Available in styles to complement any design, crown molding creates an elegant effect across the upper line of cabinetry. Observe the carefully mitered corners. Installation is a job for a skilled finishing carpenter!



corner of white wall cabinets trimmed with light rail to conceal under-cabinet lightingLight rail

A narrow band of light rail trims the lower edge of wall cabinets, concealing under-cabinet light fixtures. When choosing task lighting, ask your designer for recommendations on which of the many types of light fixtures will work for you.



end view of cherry cabinets in kitchen island, with ends finished with door panelsEnds finished with door panels or beadboard

When the end of a bank of cabinetry is finished with matching door panels or beadboard, it carries the eye across the line, adding a complete, neatly finished look.



cherry glass-door cabinets bordering custom wood range hood. Hood projects forward for visual interestVary depth of cabinets

By modifying cabinets to be either deeper or shallower than standard dimensions, you can break up the horizontal line, adding visual interest and a custom, furniture-like effect.


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Have you admired a special decorative feature in a kitchen design? Share your thought with our readers!

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