No Need to Overpay for the Showroom of Your Dreams!

April 8, 201517 comments

“Someone has to pay for this showroom!”

So said Steve Delchin to himself upon visiting a local kitchen cabinet firm claiming to offer “competitive” prices. Steve was in search of high-quality, sensibly-priced kitchen cabinets for the new showroom being built for a home in a suburb of Cleveland.

His doubts were confirmed, and when the local firm with the impressive showroom proved to offer an unattractive combination of high expense, slow response and poor customer service. So, Steve went online in search of cabinets. And discovered CliqStudios.

White cabinets with black crown molding and frosted glass doors frame kitchen window

Frosted-glass-door cabinets gracefully frame the kitchen window

Starting the Design Process

Steve found the difference between CliqStudios and the local firm, astonishing.

He was immediately assigned a professional kitchen designer, Tessa Buhman. Tessa’s comprehensive kitchen design (a free service of CliqStudios) arrived by email in two days. And unlike his earlier experience, Tessa’s design came with itemized pricing for every piece of cabinetry.

“Tessa simply nailed it on the design,” he says, adjusting colors to match the walls and flooring, blending white and dark cabinets beautifully. Over next month, he revised the design continuously, and Tessa worked closely with him every step of the way. She also designed the laundry and utility rooms for his new home. The result is a striking kitchen of light White and deep Carbon painted finishes, unlike any Steve has ever seen.

pull out trash and recycle bin 18 inch cabinet

Pull-out trash bins are top of our designers’ list for must-have features

Cabinets for the Right Price

“I saved thousands and thousands of dollars with CliqStudios,” he says. And every step of the way, as the design evolved, he enjoyed a cabinet-by-cabinet breakdown of pricing. “I knew exactly what I was paying for every cabinet piece, and with each change I could see the price difference, so I always knew exactly what I was paying for custom items.”

In the end, for the price the local company quoted for the kitchen alone, he was able to build his dream kitchen plus a sophisticated laundry room, and incorporate into his kitchen high-end appliances, cabinet upgrades, and upscale details such as two different granites for the countertops.

With Tessa’s help, he has pullout drawers with built in silverware holders, a pull-out spice rack, and a mini pantry. And over the professional cooktop, a beautiful painted Carbon hood cabinet to house and hide the stainless steel vent.

black and white cabinets with pan and pot storage drawer under professional cooktop

These massive pot and pan storage drawers can carry extra-heavy loads

The Final Result

Steve reports two seemingly small details that make his wife fall in love with the kitchen every day: the two pot drawers under the cooktop, which make cooking so convenient, and the tidy trash bin pull outs adjacent to the sink.

They both have a kitchen everyone raves about. And, he said, “I didn’t have to pay for the other guy’s fancy showroom.”

black and white two tone kitchen with center island and wood range hood

Two-tone kitchen design by Tessa Buhman features Painted White and Carbon cabinetry

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Showing 17 comments

  1. Vickie Bell Reply

    I love this kitchen. The layout is almost exactly like my kitchen. Instead of the door, I have a doorway. My question, is this an L-Shaped kitchen?

  2. Barbara Lea Reply

    Love it!

  3. Kathy Reply

    Just beautiful! Are the cabinets with the glass fronts in your catalog?

    • Tom Majewski Reply

      Hello Kathy! The glass doors are a bit of a specialty item, however, we can customize just about any cabinet doors to include glass. Make sure to ask your CliqStudios designer!

  4. Chari Roesch Reply

    What product and color name was used for the dark countertops?

    • Tom Majewski Reply

      Sorry to say that we do not have any information about the counters.

  5. Molly Reply

    The cabinet under the cooktop is awesome – Is that in your online catalog?

  6. Dylan Reply

    can you share the cost of this kitchen or estimate? thank you

    • CliqStudios Design Reply

      Hello, Dylan,

      Every kitchen we build is unique, and the cost depends on cabinet style, modifications, specialty cabinets and accessories. You can create an estimate using our Budget Tool. Or a member of our design team will be happy to provide a free design and quote customized to your space and needs. Just use this free design form to send us your measurements, photos of your space and any other information that will help us design your dream kitchen.

  7. Pamela Reply

    This is beautiful. Where did you find the cabinet/drawer handles/pulls? What size are they. They are perfection!

    • CliqStudios Design Reply

      Hello, Pamela,

      They are beautiful, aren’t they? Unfortunately, I don’t have that information – the hardware was purchased elsewhere.

  8. mayra Reply

    love this design. planning on something similar. what are the dimensions of the island?

    • Tessa Reply

      Hi Mayra, the island dimensions are 114" x 36" as far as the cabinet run goes. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or if you would like to start a design with us.

  9. Kristi Reply

    Love the kitchen. Where did you find the barstools?

    • CliqStudios Design Reply

      Hello, Kristi,

      This kitchen is great, isn’t it? I’m sorry I can’t help you with your question, however. We don’t have information on the bar stools,just the cabinets. I hope you find the perfect stools for your kitchen.

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