Storage, a typical kitchen design problem, is not simply a matter of cubic feet of cabinet space, but of how that space is organized. Incorporate carefully chosen storage cabinets, as well as, organizers into your cabinetry. As a result, you may dramatically improve your kitchen’s functionality. Ask your designer to recommend, based on your cooking style, where to invest a few dollars to get the highest return. Here are some of our most popular kitchen cabinet storage solutions:

Tall Pantry Cabinet

Add cubic feet to your storage with a tall utility cabinet. Opt for roll-out trays that bring everything into the light without bending or reaching.

Independent Shelf Lazy Susan

Our Easy-Reach Super Susan corner cabinet spins anything to the front. The lack of a center spindle expands its utility, while also storing larger items on the independently rotating wooden trays.

Pot & Pan Storage Drawers

Consider oversized drawers for pots, lid organizer, even a crock pot or electric frying pan. Moreover, drawers have heavy-duty undermount glides making them fully accessible.

Pull-Out Spice Cabinets

For small item storage, including appliances and groceries, these pull out shelves have wire rails to keep items in their place. Also, they remain visible and accessible.

Tray Divider Base Cabinet

These divider allow cookie sheets, serving trays and other large, flat items standing at attention, yo be neatly protected and ready to go to work.

Silverware, Knife Block & Utensil Drawer Inserts

Keep tools and flatware organized and available by outfitting drawers with these organizing inserts.

Build a Buffet or Boot Bench

Consider a buffet or bench with single drawer and cabinet units. Your designer will help you create a unique furniture-look feature by combining standard cabinet units and trimming with decorative touches.

If you already have a plan, maybe even a completed kitchen design, we invite you to challenge one of our designers to improve on it. There is a good chance you will end up with more or better storage for less money! Call our design studio at 888-350-1242 today to get started. Of course, there is never a charge for our design service.

What is your dream storage solution? Any suggestions for our readers? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

Tall pantry cabinet with upper shelves and bottom roll-out trays, shown in a Shaker style and White paint.Tall pantry cabinet with upper shelves and bottom roll-out trays, shown in a Shaker style and White paint.
Pull-out storage cabinet with three shelves storing spicesPull-out storage cabinet with three shelves storing spices