You’ve barely recovered from the holidays, and still trying to reorganize your kitchen to accommodate new appliances and dishware. Your budget is broken. So, the last thing you should be thinking about is, remodeling your kitchen. Or is it? In fact, this is the perfect time to begin the planning stage for your remodel. Consider:

The Stress of the Holiday Season Is Fresh in Your Mind

Entertaining, baking and 10-minute meal preps point up problems with your current setup. Make a list of issues in your current kitchen space, including ones involving traffic, counter space, storage and serving. Enlist family members in making this list as comprehensive as possible.

You Are Working With a Blank Slate

As you put away holiday decorations and find storage for the new goods that came in as gifts, you will be reorganizing your kitchen and seeing your home in a fresh light. A perfect opportunity to think about a new layout.

The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Snowed in? It’s an opportunity to peruse magazines and websites and watch home improvement shows while you fill up your remodel idea book.

Good Weather Is Around the Corner

If you live in the frozen north, the best time to tear out your old kitchen is when you fire up the patio and grill, a natural supplement to your temporary kitchen.

Be Ready for Spring Events

If you will be hosting a graduation or have out-of-towners coming for a wedding, you can have the new space ready before the company comes.

The Most Popular Contractors Still Have Time Available

Top-rated contractors often fill their schedules weeks or months ahead of time. Plan now so you can get on their spring list.

Your Income Tax Return Is Coming

Start a design now, and you will be ready to order cabinets and appliances when your tax return comes.

What Do You Think?

Is one time of year better than another to remodel a kitchen? Share your thoughts with our readers by commenting below.

Second Step: Consult With an Expert

Early in your planning process, as soon as you have your problem/wish list defined and have measured your space, schedule a consultation with a professional kitchen designer. An experienced pro will help you avoid common mistakes and get the most out of your space while staying within your budget. At CliqStudios Design Studio, we offer personalized design services at no cost. Work with your designer online and on the phone, at your convenience.

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