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Our Favorite Kitchens

January 2, 2013No comments

A few years ago, we at studiobstyle started designing kitchens and bathrooms with, and it’s so much fun to see photos of the new spaces from all over the country online. From an interior designers perspective, here are a few of our favorite kitchens and why we like them so much:

Approachable Style


CliqStudios Dayton Kitchen Cabinets in Painted Linen and Harbor

A stunning turnaround!

This kitchen feels warm with all the wood surfaces, and it is small enough that it’s an approachable design for homeowners no matter where they are in the country. There are designer touches here that help make the space feel custom, such as the crown molding up near the ceiling around the upper cabinets. The panel on the edge of the island also feels upscale and finished.

We love the industrial touches with the stools and light fixtures. The heavier hardware completes the look so that the scale of the cabinetry matches the heavy scale of the range.
The stone mosaic backsplash is a terrific addition to the overall look of the space. We love that they ran the tile all the way to the ceiling to create an entire stonewall effect.
This kitchen feels updated with enough designer-like touches to add value to the home. The floor plan feels open and logical for someone who loves to cook and entertain.

Calm Color


Rockford Painted Harbor Kitchen Cabinets from

The warm blue with the wood counter was a great idea

Who doesn’t love this blue grey color? The Harbor painted door is one of’s best sellers because it’s such a fresh light color. This kitchen feels English with the tall narrow uppers and Rockford style doors. We love that they ran these beautiful cabinets all the way to the ceiling to help the space feel more open.

The traditional white subway tile never goes out of style, and the touch of grey in the countertop pulls together the grey stainless surfaces to feel custom designed. This kitchen feels calm, cozy and open.

There is also a classic quality here that means it will appeal to a broad audience for resale value. We also like that the island countertop is wood, which warms up the space and gives the kitchen that unique “found” element.


Adding Value to Your Kitchen
1) Look for value in your cabinets — Check out for new door styles and finishes. By saving your budget here, you can spend more on upgraded appliances.
2) Stainless Steel Appliances — Appliances are still number one on the home buyer’s wish list, so try to add them into your kitchen if possible.
3) Countertops — There are so many solid surface and laminate countertops that mimic stone. If you have to cut the budget, here’s a great spot to do it. Countertops can be changed out easily later.


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