Get Inspired From Five Great CliqStudios Kitchen Remodels

July 9, 20137 comments

Are you struggling to find the right ideas to update your kitchen? These five kitchen remodels from CliqStudios customers may give you the inspiration you need to kick your remodel into high gear.

Traditional & Timeless

Kitchen Before Remodel

Carrie from North Dakota was over her dark, dated cabinets and pastel laminate counters. The closed-in layout and mismatched appliances had to go too.

Mendota Maple Caramel Kitchen Cabinets Remodel

With her CliqStudios designer, Carrie reworked her space. She upgraded to light maple cabinets and granite counters. She also added an L-shape kitchen island with barstool seating. New stainless steel appliances were the icing on the cake!


Red Brick Contemporary

Before Kitchen Remodel

Yellowed cabinets with wood trim and mismatched appliances clashed with Deanna’s vision of the perfect contemporary home. Her kitchen needed an update.


Dayton Birch Sable Kitchen Cabinets Remodel

The 15-foot brick wall remained the focal point of the space. Clean dark shaker cabinets, gray slate flooring, white marble counters complement nicely with the rough brick. A sleek new refrigerator, range and hood complete this kitchen remodel.



Wonderful in White

Kitchen Before Remodel

Jennifer had striped oak cabinets, laminate counters, and mismatched dark appliances. It certainly wasn’t the glam kitchen she wanted.


Dayton Painted White Kitchen Cabinets Remodel

New stainless steel appliances, an enlarged island, and shaker cabinets topped with an elegant marble counter helped her pull off an amazing, all-white transformation.



From Disaster to Designer Fresh

Kitchen Before Remodel

Jenifer was oping to sell her 1909 Craftsman bungalow in Seattle. However, she knew the untouched “charm” and acid turquoise cabinetry would probably scare off buyers. A kitchen remodel was needed — and fast!


Dayton Painted Carbon Kitchen Cabinets Remodel

Jennifer wrapped up her remodel from the beach while on vacation. Painted Carbon cabinets pair nicely with light butcher block counters. Upper open shelving instead of cabinets keeps the space feeling airy.



Time for an Upgrade

Kitchen Before Remodel

The dated style of the early ‘90s wasn’t cutting it for Ken and his kitchen. He set his sights on getting rid of the linoleum flooring, soffits, and dark cabinetry in particular.


Dayton Painted White and Cherry Russet Kitchen Cabinets Remodel

The layout worked great for Ken’s family but some slight modifications added both form and function. A reimagined island with seating for two, hardwood flooring, and full-height cabinets with crown molding created a timeless, high-end look.



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  1. Chris chijindu Reply

    Can I get some of the catalogue as I have just finished building but needs kitchen cabinet

  2. Mohamed Magdy Reply

    Hello. Could you please tell me the dimensions of Carrie’s renewed kitchen?

    • CliqStudios Design Reply

      Hello, Mohamed. This kitchen is roughly 11 x 12 feet.

  3. DENISE Hatch Reply


  4. John F Reply

    My favorite was the last one. The white cabinets and dark counter tops are a favorite look. It also looks so much larger with that color combo.

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