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Your budget will depend on the overall scope of your remodeling project.
Follow the steps below to guide you through the cabinet budget process
for an estimate range.

If you’re looking for a more complete, detailed estimate, try the
‘Total Kitchen Estimate Tool’.

budget estimate tool

Measure Your Cabinetry Linear Feet (LF)

Enter Your Cabinetry Linear Feet:
How to measure linear feet

Select a Door Style

Select a Color

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Your Selected Door

    Select Your Preferred Design Type from the Three Tabs

    The "no frill" Builder kitchen is contractor or apartment grade in materials and design. There are little or no upgrades such as storage solutions, decorative accents or crown molding.

    Builder Kitchen Cabinets
    What affects your cabinet budget?

    The Family kitchen is designed with useful upgrades that you will find in many kitchens including: crown molding, base lazy susan, wastebasket cabinet, roll-out trays, taller or deeper wall cabinets for more storage, drawer organizers and tilt-out sink fronts.

    Family Kitchen Cabinets
    What affects your cabinet budget?

    The Dream kitchen has all the "bells & whistles" of the Family kitchen plus an island, full refrigerator enclosure, designer range hood, base microwave cabinet, decorative doors, mullion doors bead board paneling and light rail.

    Dream Kitchen Cabinets
    What affects your cabinet budget?

    Your Linear Feet: (LF)

    Door Style:

    Design Style:

    Cabinet Budget Range:



    Pricing reflects current promotional discount.

    Need a More Complete Estimate?

    Our Total Kitchen Estimate Tool provides and easy estimate based on National averages on the value of your home.

    budget estimate tool

    Keep in mind that Cliq's price includes:
    • All Plywood Box construction
    • Finish upgrade
    • No charge for standard Paint colors
    • Hardwood dovetail drawer with softclose glides
    • Free delivery
    • No Tax (based on state location)

    How do I measure for LF?

    Measure the total length of any space that has cabinets. Include all wall space, islands, peninsulas, windows and appliances. This budget method takes into account an average of all wall, base and tall cabinets. If you are adding cabinet space to your new kitchen be sure to include that length. Example: the kitchen to the right has a 10' wall and 12' wall for 22 LF. If you were to add a 6' island you will total 28 LF.

    10'x10' Industry Pricing Standard

    10' x 10' equals 20 linear feet (LF) of "cabinetry". This includes windows, wall space, appliances, and wall & base cabinets. The 10' x 10' pricing is based on an industry standard kitchen layout that compares retail pricing for manufacturers, especially in the Big Box home improvement stores.

    This is a accurate way to compare prices "apples to apples" no matter the manufacturer, door style, finish or wood species. The 10' x 10' cabinet list does vary slightly between retailers - but essentially they are the same. The formula to determine the 10' x 10' is the price of the cabinets divided by 20 LF.

    Example: 10' x 10' = $2000 ÷ 20 LF = $100

    Your layout will vary from the 10' x 10' based on your final design and types of cabinets that you select.

    Keep in mind that all manufacturers start with their standard builder grade construction and the 10' x 10' contains no frills or upgrades in
    design or materials. At the Big Box stores you will find the price on the back of display doors or you can ask a kitchen associate.

    The Kitchen Project Estimate Tool is a simple calculator that can quickly estimate how much to budget for a major kitchen remodel based on the current value of your home. The estimate tool provides prices for all areas of your kitchen remodel project based on national average percentages with 15% of the value of your home being used as a starting point.

    Below, enter your home value and the estimate tool will auto calculate using 15% of your home value. You can change the total project %, or increase/ decrease the individual Remodel Category specific to your project. Replace any values shown with $0 if they do not apply, such as back splash if category is not required.

    Enter Home Value$

    Kitchen Percentage%

    Enter value and you may change % to customize budget for your project. Zero out any
    category below that does not apply.

    Remodel Category%$
    Kitchen Design$
    Cabinet Delivery$
    Cabinet Hardware$
    * Cabinet Installation$
    * Countertop  (Fabrication & Installation) $
    * Appliances$
    * Lighting/Electrical  (Including Fixtures & Installation) $
    * Flooring  (Including Installation) $
    * Plumbing  (Including Fixtures & Installation) $
    * Backsplash  (Decorative Tile, etc.) $
    * CliqStudios.com does not sell or
    offer these services
    TOTAL100% $