Peg Drawer Organizer

peg drawer organizer in dayton painted urban stone cabinetry

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Store your plates and bowls in full-access, standard or deep drawers. The removable birch pegs let you organize your dishware in neat stacks, holding them securely to prevent sliding, rattling, or chipping.

No more heaving dishes into upper shelves, or guessing about what goes where. For kids and adults alike, access to tableware has never been more convenient and painless than with the versatile Peg Drawer.

The plywood drawer base can be ordered with 12 pegs on the 30” and 33” wide base boards, or 16 pegs on the 36” wide board.

Peg Drawer Features

  • 9/16” plywood natural birch peg board base
  • 6” high, 1” diameter, adjustable and removable pegs
  • Available in 30”, 33” and 36” widths
  • For one deep drawer box
  • Natural birch hardwood pegs
  • Installed with 150 lb. capacity heavy duty glides