New Kitchen Design: Wants & Needs

Understanding how your kitchen supports your lifestyle will help you create a successful design. This foundation will guide your choice of products, materials, and storage specifics. It’s important to understand what you want to gain from the new design. You must determine your priorities. A good way to help find out what you like and dislike is to collect ideas over time. Write your ideas down in a notebook and develop your personal wish list for your ideal kitchen. This is called creating an idea file.


How do you plan on using your new kitchen? Cooking, eating-in, entertaining, home headquarters, study lounge, or all of the above? A kitchen remodel is a major long term investment and you want to make your money count.


It’s important to be realistic. Setting priorities for what you want and need for your kitchen remodel will help guide many of your decisions. Unless you have an unlimited budget you, will need to prioritize. Some items will be large decisions but most will be small. Ranking what’s important to you will help you make these decisions as you complete your kitchen remodel planning.

Kitchen Function First – Then Style

Asking yourself good questions before you begin. That will help you determine the function of your kitchen first – style will come later. The first part is to determine who, why, when and how you use your current kitchen. The second part will help you with the what – what style feel and look of your remodel. It will help you with the major and minor changes you want or need to make in your new kitchen. What do you like or hate about your kitchen now? What is the primary reason driving your kitchen remodel? Is it because your kitchen is old and tired? Does your kitchen need a style update? Or your existing kitchen has a really poor layout and doesn’t function?

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