We originally found CliqStudios when I did a search online for inexpensive high quality cabinets. We are so lucky to have found CliqStudios – from start to finish, the process was seamless. I know it seems corny, but I honestly smile each and every morning when I wake up and walk into my kitchen to get a cup of coffee – I am so happy with my kitchen! We worked with Jilda Mastrey to design our kitchen. We thought we had our design down from the get-go and let Jilda know, but ended up making exhaustive and detailed revisions time and time again. I thought we were driving Jilda crazy with our requests and questions, but Jilda answered question and request calmly and patiently, providing the exact guidance we needed to create our perfect kitchen. With unbelievable patience and kindness, Jilda handled every curveball we threw her with ease. I can definitely say that working with Jilda was the most enjoyable and easy part of this kitchen renovation process. The CliqStudios product is superb. Everyone who walks into our kitchen remarks on the high quality product we have and can’t believe the price when we tell them how much we paid for it!