An Elegant and Extensive Beach House Renovation

Signature Dayton Painted White & Urban Stone

When Marcie bought her 1920s beach house, she knew it would need a complete renovation.

“The old kitchen had an awful layout, was super small, lacked storage, and was closed off from the rest of the house so you couldn’t see anyone when you were in there (not good for little kids of having friends & family over!)” she said. “The cabinets were super old and had been re-faced with new-ish doors that weren’t bad, but again, weren’t exactly what we would have picked.”

With a dramatic and impressive renovation effort, Marcie decided to scrap her existing kitchen, blowing out walls, opening doorways, and moving her kitchen to an entirely different room! The old kitchen became a dining room, and what used to be a 3-season sunroom was completely demolished and rebuilt to become the new kitchen.

In addition to allowing her to create her dream kitchen, gutting the sunroom gave her more living space and allowed her to add an additional bedroom – with its own bathroom! When the builders broke down the wall to open up into the new kitchen, she said it was “one of the best moments of my life.”

She didn’t stop with the kitchen, however. Embodying a style of casual, every-day elegance with coastal, traditional and rustic influences, she worked with her designer Elise St. Michel to create a gorgeous, “small but mighty” laundry room featuring Shaker-styled cabinets in Urban Stone.

“We started out with the laundry down in the basement when we first bought this house, so adding a second-floor laundry room into the renovation was pretty high on our priorities,” said Marcie. “With two boys and two dogs in the house, this space is a total game changer!”

To see more of Marcie’s 1920s beach house renovation, visit her blog at Design Sixty Five.

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Cabinet Photos

A laundry room using CliqStudios Dayton cabinets in Urban Stone with white countertops.

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  1. CliqStudios Social Media Reply

    Our design team would be happy to discuss finish choices with you to find the best fit for you. You can reach the team at 888-350-1242 to get started. We do not sell unfinished cabinets.

  2. Erin Reply

    Beautiful!! Is the Vent Hood from CliqStudios? What color is that?

    • CliqStudios Social Media Reply

      Thanks for your question. The hood was sourced locally by the homeowner.

  3. Julie Galvin Reply

    I think this is gorgeous!!! Not ordinary at all. Thank you for sharing. Are the cabinets Dayton or Rockford?

    • CliqStudios Reply

      Thank you Julie!

      These are our Dayton door. The difference between Dayton and Rockford is the drawer face. The Dayton has a recessed shaker-style drawer styling, while the Rockford has a flat-panel drawer face.

  4. Marcie Reid Reply

    Thanks so much for sharing my home! It was so much fun designing and it was great to work with Elise. We are really enjoying our cabinets so far!

    • Denice Pelzl Reply

      What color are the kitchen cabinets? What color choices would CliqStudios have that would be close to the locally sourced hood?

      • CliqStudios Social Media

        The cabinets in this kitchen are in our finishes White and Urban Stone. To learn more about our hood option visit this page of our website:

      • CliqStudios Social Media

        The cabinets are White and Urban Stone. We do not have a stain available that is similar to this hood.

  5. Robin Weiss Reply

    eh. Ordinary.

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