Edge Options

Countertop edges may seem like a small detail to consider; however, they can add a lot to the overall kitchen design.

  • Styles
    The standard size of countertop edges is 3cm (about 1.18 in) and there are numerous styles available. We have six styles in our inventory: Bullnose, Double Radius, Eased, Half Bullnose, Ogee, and Bevel. Each of these edges is 3cm in size.  
  • Purpose
    Countertop edges are mainly a practical solution. They’re installed to smooth out any sharp edges while maintaining a fresh appearance consistent with the kitchen design style.  
  • Benefits
    There are several pros to installing countertop edges throughout a space. It prevents damage to the natural edges, is affordable to install, is complementary to any style, and softens sharp edges. Learn More from a Designer!


3 cm Surfacing Edges

3 cm Bullnose

3 cm Double Radius

3 cm Eased

3 cm Half Bullnose

3 cm Ogee

3 cm Bevel