Black Kitchen Cabinets

Black kitchen cabinets create a sophisticated and contemporary look while adding richness and drama to the space in a way not possible with more traditional finishes. A sable, espresso or black effect can be achieved with a deep, dark stain or a shade of black paint. The dark stain retains a touch of tradition, while black painted cabinets are firmly in the contemporary camp.

Dark Cabinets Complement Almost Any Appliance Color

A kitchen design based on painted black cabinets is easy to integrate into an interior remodel, since the dark cabinetry complements almost any appliance color, especially stainless steel, and works well with most flooring and trim colors. Dark cabinets are often used as accents or focal points in two-toned kitchens. For example, painted black cabinets can be used on a kitchen island to balance white kitchen cabinets in the rest of the space, or to set off a furniture feature.

To keep the effect of dark cabinets from overwhelming the space, balance it with light colors on the walls, countertops, floors, and backsplash, and consider using open shelves instead of wall cabinets in a section. This will help the kitchen feel open and uncluttered. Glass inserts are also popular modifications for black cabinets, since they create a sense of light flowing throughout your kitchen. offers a dark stain, Sable, on birch cabinets in several cabinet door styles. Our designer black paint, Painted Carbon, can be ordered in most door styles.

Austin Painted Carbon black cabinets

dark oak cabinet door and drawer front

Oak Sable finish on a the slab door Style 31 cabinet

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