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We are America’s largest kitchen design studio and we manufacture and sell high quality semi-custom cabinets directly to consumers throughout the USA. CliqStudios is fueled with the energy, drive and passion of designers and kitchen experts who believe coming to work should be fun, engaging and profitable. At the heart of our team, you’ll find the drive and determination to transform kitchens and make a difference in our customers’ lives. Click to learn more about our open positions in the Minneapolis – St. Paul metropolitan area.

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Shelly R Testimonial

“There is never a dull moment and we move at a fast pace. I appreciate no longer having to work crazy retail hours, but more importantly, I appreciate being part of a collaborative team. Every designer approaches a kitchen differently so when there is a tough project, we put our heads together to come up with solutions for the client.” Shelly R, Designer

A better place to work.

Our team includes experts from many different backgrounds and experience levels. We believe the strength of highly skilled and talented individuals will drive CliqStudios’ growth, and we rely on each other, share best practices and make it fun.

Tessa B Testimonial

“CliqStudios is a busy design studio with a more relaxed environment than a typical corporate office. The company respects the fact that we, as designers, are creative individuals. It is exciting to be part of something that is new and to watch it grow and to be a part of that growth.” Tessa B, Designer

Focus on Design

Whether you're designing a high-end chef's kitchen or guiding a consumer through how to measure their space, doing what you do best is job number one. If in the past you've been in a job that assigned you to different departments or changed your priorities, then you already know how distracting that environment can be. At CliqStudios, you'll have the opportunity to be your best self and focus on design that matters.

Room to grow

Even though CliqStudios is already America’s largest design studio, we are still growing. You’ll build professional rapport with clients from coast-to-coast. Our team finds that every day brings a fresh opportunity to learn something new, excel at something great, and brighten someone’s day. Learning, improving and growing is fundamental to CliqStudios’ success.

Dependable schedule and hours
Base salary + commission + bonuses
Competitive benefits

“I am passionate about good design and appreciate that I get to design all day for clients from all over the USA. I feel my years of design experience are appreciated at CliqStudios. Everyone is willing to answer questions and share design solutions. We all have our eye on the same end goal. It’s exciting to be part of the nation’s largest in house design team. I like the fast growth and the opportunity for new design challenges every day.” Bill H, Designer

Bill H Testimonial

Creativity is Respected

As a creative and innovative person, you'll feel right at home with our team. We encourage creative problem solving and innovative design. Our customers and their projects thrive on your new ideas and CliqStudios celebrates your creative success.

We make dream kitchens affordable

The kitchen is the beating heart of the home. And when it comes right down to it, this is what drives us. We arrive every morning looking forward to changing our customers’ lives by transforming the heart of their home. Dreams designed. Dreams delivered.

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