Sink Cabinet Drip Liner

Protect your sink base cabinet from leaks and drips with this factory-installed cabinet liner. Easy-to-clean polystyrene cabinet liner holds up to a gallon of water, keeping stored items above the mess. If there is more than a gallon, you are alerted to the problem as the water flows out of the cabinet front.

The sink base cabinet drip tray can be purchased alone or as part of an integrated clean-up zone solution, the Super Sink Base cabinet. Other clean-up zone components you may be interested in include under-sink pullout baskets and the pull-out trash and recycling cabinet

Cabinet Liner Features

  • Almond color polystyrene material
  • Holds up to a gallon of liquid
  • Rack design keeps stored items above any moisure
  • Major leaks flow out the cabinet front
  • Factory installed

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