Meet Your Designer


Tiffanie Willis

"My main objective is to give my customers a professional yet personal experience that provides them with a beautiful and affordable design. I love designing and helping people achieve their project goals."


I’m Tiffanie, your CliqStudios designer. I’m excited to work together on your project! My goal is to make the design process simple and enjoyable for you, and to guide you in getting the most beautiful and functional kitchen possible.

To tell you a little about me, I have been working in the design industry for over four years, most recently as a custom project designer across multiple disciplines. My background is in architecture and design. The CliqStudios way of working remotely using the latest technology to help our customers in the safety and comfort of their own home is a brilliant concept to me.

I enjoy looking at design from both a bird’s-eye view and a detailed perspective. How people utilize their space and how we can better their environment is what drives me.

I’ll contact you soon to go over the details of your project and then we can get started on your design.