Product Feature & Storage Solution Videos

The videos below show unique features of specialty and storage cabinets. Tailor your kitchen design and cabinetry to your specific needs with these convenient and space-saving solutions.

Waste Basket

Pull-Out Trash Cans

Keep trash and recycling out of sight but within easy reach with a single or double unit.

Pull Out Storage

Pull-Out Spice Rack

The pull-out storage rack provides easy access to spices, canned goods and other small items.

Roll Out Trays

Roll-Out Tray Shelves

Eliminate stooping and reaching. Pull-out tray shelves bring contents of pantries and cabinets to you.

Super Lazy Susan

Super Lazy Susan

Independent spinning hardwood shelves with no center pole optimize your corner cabinet space.

Pots & Pans

Pan and Pot Storage

Two over-size drawers store pots, pans, bowls, electric frying pans and other large items.