Imagine the Holidays in Your New Kitchen


Now that fall is in the air, we’re already thinking about the holidays. The season brings excitement and opportunities to gather with family and friends. Unfortunately, hosting dinners and overnight guests can also bring a feeling of dread. Overcrowded kitchens that don’t function well can make joyful gatherings a pain.

If you would like to improve your kitchen before the holidays, there’s still plenty of time to get started. With the help of a CliqStudios kitchen designer, you can enjoy the holidays in your new kitchen. Imagine the holidays with these new kitchen features.

Problem: Crowded Layout

There are many different signs of a crowded layout. Does a low hanging microwave limit the space on your cooktop? Can you fully open appliance doors and drawers? Does a main walkway pass through your cooking area? Not only are tight spaces annoying, some of them can become safety hazards.

Imagine: Having Room to Move

The National Kitchen and Bath Association has clearance guidelines for cooktops, countertops, walkways and more. CliqStudios kitchen designers follow these guidelines to create an open and safe cabinet layout. Imagine having enough space for countertop appliances. Imagine space to move comfortably through walkways. These simple updates will make even the smallest kitchen feel more open.

White Inset Door Shaker Cabinet Drawers with stainless steel Wolf range and a farmhouse sink.

Problem: No Room to Gather

Many home kitchens were designed for basic cooking tasks. However, the modern family now uses the kitchen for meal time, homework, entertaining and more. If you have a kitchen that is cut off from the rest of the living spaces, it can feel like a room for messes and chores only.

Imagine: An Open Kitchen Design

According to Houzz, 53 percent of homeowners opt to open their kitchens to other rooms during a remodel. Anyone who has hosted a gathering knows that all the guests end up in the kitchen at some point. Imagine hosting holiday guests and being able to prep food and socialize comfortably. The holidays are about spending time together and a more open kitchen can help you better enjoy time with family and friends.

Open kitchen with sink in the island

Problem: Poor Workflow

In addition to having closed off layouts, many kitchens were designed with one work triangle for prepping, cooking and cleaning. If the space was often designed for one person, it can lead to a cramped feeling when the whole family is in the kitchen. In older homes, appliances like dishwashers and microwaves were added after the initial kitchen design. This creates a poor workflow because frequently used areas of the kitchen were not intentionally placed near each other.

Imagine: Useful Work Zones

Talking with a kitchen designer about how you use your kitchen will help create a layout that works for you. Work zones are separate areas for prepping, cooking, cleaning, entertaining and more. They are designed specifically for the people who use your kitchen, and how they do so. Imagine having two prep zones so you can prepare a meal while the kids frost cookies. Imagine guests gathering around an island or beverage center rather than in front of the oven this Thanksgiving. With work zones, the kitchen can become a functional and fun space for the whole family.

CliqStudios Decorative cabinets in Painted White finish

Problem: Small Appliances

Whether you love to cook or have to cook, small appliances can be a hassle. Small ovens may prevent you from using the appropriate sized cookware for a task. When serving a crowd, clean-up can take forever in outdated dishwashers. The holiday season can highlight these issues for those who cook or bake for larger groups.

Imagine: Upgrading Appliances

Remodeling your kitchen opens up options for upgrading your appliances. Rather than working with existing space between cabinets, you can lay out the space to fit the appliances you want. Imagine pulling this year’s turkey from an easy-to-reach wall oven. Imagine having a larger dishwasher than can tackle all of the dishes. Whatever your holiday cooking dream is, upgrading your appliances will help it come true.

kitchen has double wall ovens in white shaker cabinets and glass cooktop on black granite countertop below glass range hood

Problem: Lack of Storage

According to the LA Times the average American home has 300,000 things. The chaos that clutter causes can be measured in the amount of time a simple task can take and the money wasted buying duplicate items.

Imagine: Plentiful Storage

Well-organized spaces bring a sense of peace to the home and the people living there. Organizational books take the world by storm, because of the universal desire for calm at home. Imagine quickly finding every item in your kitchen. Imagine how a well-stocked pantry would help your week go more smoothly. Upgrading your kitchen with storage cabinets before the holidays will also give you a jump start on beginning the new year with less clutter.

Shaker painted white cabinets det

Start Your Kitchen Remodel

Start Your Kitchen Remodel

If you can relate to any of these kitchen problems, imagine how having a new kitchen by the holidays would feel. It’s possible to transform your kitchen into a space that can make the holidays, or any occasion, more enjoyable.

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