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Photo gallery of remodeled kitchen features CliqStudios Dayton Painted White cabinets with nickel finish cup pulls

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware: Pulls and Knobs

Artisan-Inspired Drawer Pulls and Door Knobs. Jewelry for your kitchen cabinets, the right hardware will pull your kitchen design together, subtly reinforcing the cabinetry’s style and function. These knobs and pulls will work hard over the years, so our cabinet hardware collections are carefully chosen for both quality and beauty, speak of craftsmanship and the artisan tradition.

grooved iron door pull and knob


Delicate bow pull with center knot, grooved door knob

wire cabinet pull with twisted rope motif and round door knob


Ornamented rope pulls, knobs

oil brushed finish on cup pull and round knob


Classic cup pulls, round knobs

bow pull has flat surface with brushed finish and round cabinet knob

Gatsby I

Lightly decorated bow pulls, flat top knobs

dressy styling on bow pull with wrapped beaded motif

Gatsby II

Beaded bow pulls, rounded knobs

iron square profile cabinet arch pull and square knob


Square knobs, bow pulls

jewelled motif on dark copper cabinet pull and knob


X-long bow pulls, knobs

wire cabinet pull with beaded design


Wire pull, round knob

contemporary aluminum bar pull and triangular profile knob


Euro bar pull, flat top knob

oval cabinet knob with slanted post

Oval & Teardrop

Novelty door and drawer knobs

cabinet pull with twisted handle and pineapple motif on feet


Twisted pull with leaf and two knob styles

beaded rope design on cabinet drawer pull and knob


Wire rope pull and rope ornamented knob

smooth curved styling on cabinet drawer pulls


Sleek and contemporary drawer and door pulls

dressy spoon pull with flat feet

Spoon Pull

Simple yet stylish spoon pulls, knobs

cabinet door pull with wire wrap decoration


Wire bow pulls with wrapped ornament, grooved knobs

teardrop design on cabinet door pull


Concentric teardrop ornament on pulls, flat top knobs

fanciful iron cabinet door pull and knob


Twisted, asymmetrical bow pull with leaf ends, grooved knob

aluminum door pull

Wire Pulls

Contemporary aluminum wire pulls

raised panel maple cabinets on library wall with chair and book open on table

Cabinet Styles

Contemporary and classic kitchen cabinets