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Glazed Cabinets


Carlton Cabinets with Maple Caramel Jute Glaze Finish

Glazed cabinets provide a subtle touch of tradition. Our hand-wiped finish adds depth, dimension and an understated sheen that will endure. Glaze is most apparent in the contours of the cabinet where the darker stain hangs up. Hand wiping provides each piece with an appealing and distinctive look.

Characteristics of Hand-Brushed Glazed Cabinets

There are two different types of glaze applications used in the cabinet industry: ‘flood’ glaze, which is not uniform, and ‘pen’ glaze, which is very consistent. uses a hybrid application that is hand-brushed and hand-wiped to remove excess. Some of the glaze is pushed into small recesses and corners, which accentuates the contours of the cabinetry. The finish is completed with a heat-cured top coat. Because CliqStudios cabinetry is glazed by hand, each component will have a slightly different finished appearance. Glazing over lighter stains or paints will result in more noticeable variations than glazing over darker base stain colors.

The natural features of glazing described below are normal and are not considered defects:

  • Glaze will have a subtle unevenness in appearance
  • Drag (or rag) marks are visible and add to the uniqueness of each door
  • Certain door styles and colors show greater contrast and have more defined lines with brush marks
  • Glaze will ‘hang up’ in the corners of the door frames

Glazing is particularly suitable to traditional raised panel cabinet door styles.

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