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Tailored and Modern New Jersey Kitchen

DaytonWhiteJulie PChester, New Jersey

A black and white kitchen remodel.

A Fixer Upper

When Julie moved to New Jersey for her new job, she knew two things. First, housing in New Jersey was expensive. Second, that because of that her family would be purchasing a fixer upper. The home they purchased was exactly was that, a property in need of a remodel. The kitchen was old. The sink was falling out of the counter. The linoleum flooring was peeling up. They would need to renovate the kitchen as soon as possible.

At first glance she thought they could make the best of the situation by painting the existing cabinets. After a closer inspection, they discovered the drawers were rough shape, beyond what paint could fix. The best choice was to start over, with top-quality kitchen cabinets.  (What is a quality kitchen cabinet?)

“The drawers were wonky,” says Julie.

And then she saw an ad for CliqStudios online.

U-shaped kitchen with white shaker cabinets with overlay doors

Choosing CliqStudios

After checking around, Julie discovered they knew others who had worked with CliqStudios. “My daughter’s school friends’ parents did a kitchen with CliqStudios and had good things to say. I reached out and started working with a designer,” says Julie.

In the end the family chose to work with CliqStudios. “We didn’t get a quote from anywhere else. My contractor said we could get the cabinets for less than with CliqStudios by going with someone else, but the quality was only okay. I liked the CliqStudios cabinets because of the quality, the soft-close doors, and all the options.” Having a designer provided by CliqStudios was another key factor in Julie’s decision.

A Light, Bright Kitchen

At first, Julie was set on having a black kitchen. Quickly she realized the downside to that plan. The room didn’t have much natural light and she worried about the room appearing too dark. Julie was happy with the eventual decision they reached to go with white. “I love how bright and clean it looks,” says Julie. In the end, she decided on a white kitchen but found a fun way to include the black using pantry cabinet built into the wall.

An Odd Space Made Practical

“We had a weird empty space where we put a Carbon pantry and double oven. Our designer, Erin said to put a counterspace there too so we did,” says Julie.

The Carbon pantry also provided a great opportunity for storage, fitting neatly into a once awkward alcove.  “I love the built-in pantry with drawers that slide out. Before we had a pantry with no organization.”

Changing the kitchen organization also made for more ease in locating items. Julie says, “Having big drawers for pots and pans is such an improvement over shelves where things get hidden and you can’t find anything.”  For the base cabinets, they designed pull-outs and many drawers for easy access to various kitchen items.

Compared to the previous look and feel of the kitchen Julie was beyond pleased with the results. “The kitchen is dramatically different. It’s much more efficient and easier to use than the old kitchen.”

More Before & After Photos
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Before & After Photos

U-shaped kitchen with white shaker cabinets with overlay doors
A black and white kitchen remodel.

Showing 22 comments

  1. Ana Montanez Reply

    I think I would like to make my kitchen more modern, maybe with the deep drawers to put pots and pans, instead of the traditional cabinets. Also, I like the idea of the microwave below the main countertop. As in the picture above.

  2. Kathleen McGillvray Reply

    My husband wants a white kitchen, but we have white appliances that are fairly new and will not be replaced. What color cabinets do you recommend – we also have ash wood flooring.

    • CliqStudios Digital Marketing Reply

      Hi Kathleen! Ordering free samples is the best way to see how different colors will look with your appliances and flooring. You might try Classic Gray, which is one of our newest grays and is very popular! Cloud White or Bright White would also be great colors to try.

  3. A Bell Reply

    How much was the total for the cabinets for this kitchen?

    • CliqStudios Social Media Reply

      Thanks for your question! The cost of the cabinetry for this kitchen was between $11,000-$14,000.

  4. K Reply

    What are the dimensions of this kitchen?

    • CliqStudios Social Media Reply

      Thanks for your question! This kitchen is about 168″ by 131 1/8″ in size.

  5. Valleri Callahan Reply

    Just finished with our kitchen design planning with our very capable, flexible, and knowledgeable design consultant at CliqStudios. We’re so excited to get started installing. She had such great ideas that we hadn’t thought of. I could see first hand the quality of the product when we received our samples. Don’t hesitate. I was a bit unsure at first, but my concerns were easily ameliorated by the information our designer provided.

  6. barbara Reply

    Not many pics and mo warm colors

  7. Ana Reply

    What kind of countertops ?

    • CliqStudios Social Media Reply

      Unfortunately, we do not have the information as the counters were sourced locally by the homeowner.

  8. Howard Reply

    What is the average price for cabinets for a 9ft x 9ft space for cabinets with a medium fridge, standard electric range, and single standard sink? Are we looking at $3000-$5000 or can you get away with $2500 for approximately 12 cabinets and 1 pantry?

    • CliqStudios Social Media Reply

      Our design team would be happy to create a custom quote for you. Call 888-350-1242 to get started.

  9. Sara Reply

    Hi, which white is this? Cloud white, linen?

    • CliqStudios Social Media Reply

      This kitchen is in White.

  10. Michael Reply

    Love this kitchen. Can you tell us the color for the darker cabinets? Also, I didn’t see the gold handles on the website. Can you provide a link to these? Overall, great transformation.

    • CliqStudios Social Media Reply

      The dark cabinets are in the CliqStudios color Carbon. The handles were sourced locally by the homeowner so we don’t have details about the product.

  11. Inesa Petgrave Reply

    Hi !
    Is CliqStudios does the installation as well ?

    • CliqStudios Social Media Reply

      Since our cabinets arrive fully assembled and ready to go, many experienced DIYers find them easy enough to install themselves. If you’re not feeling handy, we recommend using a referral service such as Home Advisor or Houzz to find a cabinet installer. Our website has several resources to help you learn what to look for, and how to work with, a contractor:

  12. Tammy Davis Reply

    I love this. And the carpet accent is perfect.

  13. Laraine Castellano Reply

    I love your cabinets I’m looking for white and I want to know if I can come pick them up

    • CliqStudios Marketing Reply

      Hi Laraine. All of our cabinet orders are custom built-to-fit in our Connersville, Indiana facility. The first step to placing your cabinet order is to gather your room dimensions and speak with one of our kitchen designers. The kitchen designer will help you put the order together. We can occasionally accommodate pick up for individuals who live near our factory, but shipping is free to most locations.

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