We Really Liked the Ability to Semi-Customize our Cabinets

Signature Rockford Painted White

Kim, Penfield, New York

We are extremely pleased with our cabinets from CliqStudios. We did a complete remodel and did all of the work ourselves aside from having our new countertop installed. This is the first time we did a project this big.

We ordered free samples and sent our measurements via the website and sent photos by email due to trouble I had uploading them. We were contacted by a designer the next day by email. She had a few questions about our project, asking specific information about trim and our kitchen lighting. I was impressed by the attention to detail – she asked questions about things we wouldn’t have considered. Within a couple of days, we were sent a blue print design. We set up a phone call and discussed the design, options and changes. The designer was very patient and thorough with answering all our questions. Changes were usually turned around within a day or two. Having the designer assist with what spacers, trim and finishing touches would be needed was great. We really liked the ability to semi-customize the cabinets to our space and were pleased with the selection of cabinet sizes and styles to choose from. It really made our final results look professional even though we did it ourselves.

When we placed the order, we were given an estimate for delivery (about 4 weeks), which was accurate – and very helpful for planning our overall project. When the cabinets arrived we had the space cleared in our garage to store and stage them for installation – everything arrived assembled and in perfect condition. We were told if there were any issues when we received the products that replacements could be sent, but it wasn’t required. I did have a small mishap when we were installing a handle – it slipped and fell and one of the drawers got nicked. I thought I would have to order a replacement drawer front, but the filler and touch up paint that came with the cabinets was able to cover it and it’s completely unnoticeable. We were (and continue to be) extremely pleased with the quality of the real plywood construction. The standard features of the cabinets were things that the other places we shopped considered add-ons or upgrades. We have the painted white Rockford cabinets and the finish is great and easy to keep clean. The hinges are great, easy to adjust and the shelving is completely adjustable and does not require any liner.

If I ever need cabinets in the future, I would not hesitate to order from CliqStudios again. It was a great experience. We couldn’t be happier with our kitchen.

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Get a Free Cabinet Catalog

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Get a Free Cabinet Catalog
Free Cabinet Catalog

60 pages of photos and information on cabinet styles, storage options, specialty cabinets and accessories, and a remodel planning guide.

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