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With The Money We Saved, We Got New Floors

CarltonPainted Linen Bisque GlazeJames CEast Norriton, Pennsylvania

We first heard about CliqStudios while watching a home decorating show and saw the name CliqStudios on the side of the boxes during the show. The design process was great and easy. The computerized plan that AJ produced on her software package was a big help to us. The computerized design plan was crucial because I was able to provide the plan to our contractor and he then built our kitchen according to the plan. I do not think we would have made this purchase if we did not have the computerized plan. It was also good to receive the sample doors to see and feel the cabinets.

Delivery Service

The delivery service was acceptable although I found it a little bit nerve wracking. I was not certain that I had all of the cabinets, moldings and trim when all of the pallets and assorted boxes came off the truck. Fortunately I did receive everything as expected and almost everything was in good condition. There was one door that damaged and it was great that CliqStudios quickly sent a replacement door to us. I was also very happy that the cost of the light rail was refunded to me because we were not able to install and use the light rail. We have an entire extra piece of crown molding. I guess we will hang on to that piece of crown molding in case there is a piece that breaks in the future.

Cabinet Quality

The quality and value of the cabinets is excellent. These cabinets are much sturdier than our old cabinets. Also our contractor commented that the crown molding is high quality because it is solid wood and it is twice as high, about three inches above the top of the cabinets, rather than only an inch and a half like our old crown molding. We hired an interior designer to help us select the colors in our kitchen. Our interior designer suggested that we could use a subtle design on the granite countertops because the cabinets were such high quality and looked so great.

The only drawback with the CliqStudios cabinets is that these cabinets are slightly smaller than our old cabinets because there is a half inch face around the front, top, and bottom of the cabinets and our old cabinets were faceless. Also we ran into a minor issue with the sink base. When we installed the sink, the width of the sink required our countertop installers to cut out the reinforced sides of the sink so the sink could drop into the sink base. It might be better on the top of the sink base if you make the side reinforcements narrower to more easily allow room for the sink. A couple of years ago we received a quote from a local home improvement store to just reface our cabinets and the cost was $19,000. Unbelievable.

Money Savings

By purchasing the cabinets directly and segregating the cost of the labor from the materials we were in a better position to negotiate having our kitchen remodeled. With the saved money we were able to replace the floor in our kitchen and continue the same hard wood floor into our family room. We are very happy with our new kitchen. Thanks AJ for your help during this process. We submitted a before and after picture and we entered the CliqStudios contest. If we move sometime in the future we know where to go if we need new cabinets. Success!

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Before & After Photos

East Norriton Pennsylvania kitchen renovation features CliqStudios Carlton Painted Linen Bisque Glaze cabinets

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