Mid-Century Modern Cherry Kitchen Accented by a Waterfall Island

Style-31Cherry Cider

Between their jobs as an attorney, a car dealership owner, and parents of twin teenagers and a pre-teen daughter, Kristen and Dan lead busy lives. “We’re constantly running around,” said Kristen, “and dinner is kind of a wacky time.”

But a busy schedule doesn’t stop Kristen from cooking. “I try to cook as much as I can,” she says. “It’s relaxing for me.” That’s why, when they bought a home from a widow who didn’t cook much, renovating the kitchen was a priority.

The old kitchen was “very dated.” Original to 1992, the kitchen was equipped with “big soffits, huge corner cabinets with glass doors for knick knacks, and old and awful appliances.”

As fans of mid-century design, they wanted a clean and modern look. It was also important that they had adequate storage, and an efficient layout so they could enjoy family time without fuss. Dan had renovated his previous kitchen with RTA cabinets, but he didn’t want to go through the hassle of assembling all of his cabinets again by hand. As he still wanted to be economical, he ended up choosing CliqStudios.

As for working with CliqStudios, “It was great,” Kristen replied. “Shannon was our designer and was very helpful. My husband used the house plans for measurements and the first design was pretty darn close to what we wanted. I think it was just a couple days after we pressed the final button, we measured something and realized it was built differently than the house plans. We scurried and scurried and called Shannon and she was super great at making the changes.”

The project progressed very quickly. The two recruited the help of their nephew, a general contractor. Working day and night and sleeping over at their house, he brought the kitchen from demolition to near-completion in under four weeks.

The finished result is a beautiful and highly functional modern kitchen, featuring a spacious and magnificent center island.

“I put in the waterfall edges right away,” commented kitchen designer Shannon Burch. “I thought it would give this kitchen a finished, polished look. I love the way the island looks so sleek and simple while mimicking the kitchen as a whole. Everything is so sharp, down to the sharp lines of the range hood.”

With its storage drawers, built-in microwave, and dual-wastebasket cabinets, the kitchen island functions as powerfully as it looks. “With three kids and a lot of food, we felt like we were constantly changing the garbage. It felt like we were changing it twelve times a day. So we wanted four bins – two for garbage, two for recycling.”

With the help of pull-out spice rack cabinets, tray divider cabinets, deep drawers for pots and pans, and drawer inserts, working in the kitchen is now “a lot easier,” says Kristen. “Things are closer to where we need them, we’re more organized, and the kitchen is a lot more functional.”

And the family dog? How was her remodeling experience?

“Lola was pretty good,” Kristen smiled. “She barked at first, but soon settled down.”

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